Grinding noise while braking- 8 causes you should know


Sometimes you will notice that your vehicle makes grinding noise when braking. That is a sign that there is something wrong with your rotors or your brake. Lots of people who own vehicles ignore such sounds so they won’t have to spend more money on repairs. checkout for more!

Sometimes you will notice that your vehicle makes grinding noise when braking. That is a sign that there is something wrong with your rotors or your brake. Lots of people who own vehicles ignore such sounds so they won’t have to spend more money on repairs. You should not make the mistake of ignoring your vehicle when it is making such sounds and it will cost you more in repairs if you leave it in such manner.

How to stop your brakes from squeaking

What happens when you neglect brakes making grinding noises?   

Your car can make lots of different sounds which are both harmful and harmless but because some sounds are harmless does not mean you should be ignorant of the fact that when you are driving, your car makes a grinding noise when braking. Your brake pedal can wear out anytime causing you a damaged caliper, rotor and a failing brake. When you have a faulty brake, it never good news because it may lead to series of major accidents and that’s why ignoring the grinding of your brake may lead to this.

Sources of grinding noise while breaking

The component parts of a car are supposed to wear out at a point depending on how you use it. The most important thing to do is to identify the various problems wrong with it and then take quick actions before it becomes a big problem by taking it to the mechanic for repair.


brake, rotor and caliper together

1. Fatigued brake pads  

If you use your brake pads for quite a time, the plates backing it will start to wear and this is one of the reasons that cause grinding noise while braking which makes metals to touch each other that makes squeaking noise. You need to immediately replace the brake pads or else both the caliper and backing plate will destroy each other.

2. Low quality brake pads

Lots of people do think that when you buy low quality brake pads, it will serve them. But that not the case because low quality brake pads contain chunks of metals which will rub on the surface of the rotor which will cause damages. So if you are planning on replacing them, replace them with good products.

3. Metals between rotor and caliper

It is normal for different particles to enter to go in-between the components. Small objects could go between the rotor and caliper to create noises. The friction caused by this could lead to serious damages.

4. Not driving your vehicle often

This is also responsible for grinding noise while braking. Brake pads may not last longer even if their lifespan can be averaged to be 20,000 miles. Reason being that you do not drive your car for weeks, when your car is idle, dust and corrosion will affect the rotor and therefore the dust will spread to other parts and destroy it. It is advisable to drive your car regularly.  

5. Fragmented shims

This is also another reason responsible for grinding noise while braking. When a metal comes together with other metals like the rotor, your braking system makes a grinding sound. So anytime you make repairs on your brake, it is essential to change the shims because sometimes your mechanic may want to do a rapid job but ensure he changes it.

6. Worn out rotor discs


Worn-out rotor discs cause grinding noises when braking

They are also responsible for grinding noise while braking. Non-flat rotors will cause squeaking sound. When your rotor is worn out, it causes lots of vibrations and this vibration come irregularly when you are stepping on your brake pedal.

7. Faulty wheel bearing

It is essential to check the bearing of your wheels because it is possible you observe some vibrations that change from quiet to loud sometimes. It is advisable to change the bearing of your wheel.

8. Caliper bolts unlubricated

If you don’t lubricate your caliper bolts, it causes grinding noise while braking. But this rarely happens and when it does a mechanic will replace them for you.

Frequently asked question about grinding noise while braking

1. Are grinding noises from brakes dangerous?

Your brakes should be very important to you because it is one of the most important components of vehicle. So as soon as you notice strange sounds just let your mechanic do a checkup on your car.

2. How much will it take to replace brakes and rotors?

Depending on the type of car you own and the situation your car is but your mechanic will let you kiw the cost of everything.

3. Can a car with bad rotors be driven?

You can drive a car with bad rotors but it is very dangerous because it may get to a point friction wont happen and the brake will fail. So please will not advise you to drive your car in this condition.


After reading this article believes you know when your brake is giving you issue so please when you notice grinding noise while braking do not ignore it because health they say is wealth.

Meanwhile, you can check out for more tips and answers on our car maintenance section for more juicy tips.

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