How do you protect and clean the leather in your car?


If you decide to use wrong cleaning tools, you will eventually damage the elegant interior look of your car. Learn how to protect and clean the leather in your car now!

Who doesn’t like leather seat or touch of leather in the interior? There is a feel of elegance, class and luxury when you take a look at cars’ inner cabin designed with leather. That should tell you that leather interior is really expensive. Despite its exotic look, leather is also vulnerable to natural tear or wear. Owning a car with leather interior isn’t enough, but knowing how to cater for it without exposing it to damage is very essential. When the leather interior is torn, it will quickly transform your car inner from beauty to ugliness. To preserve the interior elegance of your car and also to give it much needed market value, checks out the simple tips on how to protect and clean the leather in your car on Naijacarnews.

How to take care of the leather in your car

Using the right cleaner

We have seen a lot of car owners using wrong cleaner for their leather interior. You are doing more damages than you could even imagine. You need to find an auto store and get yourself upholstery cleaner. When you decide to come up with your mixed up concoction, then, you should be able to accept whatever happens to the leather. The good news is, the leather upholstery cleaner is quite affordable. It is even economically wise to get it for few bucks instead of spending a lot on fixing the damage you might have caused through wrong cleaner.


Finding the appropriate cleaning materials for the leather interior is the first smart step towards preserving its look

Avoid using paper towels

Many at times, when you get upholstery cleaner, it usually comes with a required cleaning material. But, you might not be lucky enough to get one after buying the cleaner. It is quite important you use the right cleaning materials. You can make use an old t-shirt (shredded) or any other soft, cotton based fabric. Avoid using any kind of paper towel regardless of its price or quality. Using it will give your leather that scuff you do not want.

Avoid damage by sun

Leather damage through sunlight is quite common in Nigeria. Not just car, it also applies to the leather chairs in your living room. When it is exposed to intense sunlight, it becomes a problem. Too much exposure to sun will damage the leather and reduce its lifespan. The best way to improve the longevity of leather interior is to get a plastic sun blocker or even a cardboard. Place it on the windshield to prevent direct sunlight from coming in contact with the leather interior of your car. Another alternative is whenever you are parking your car for a long period of time; find a shaded or covered parking spot.


Leather is susceptible to sun light and heat

Avoid extreme hotness in your car

The leather in your car would fade quickly when the temperature inside the car is too intense. This can be a real pain to you knowing the nature of the material. It will also affect its lifespan. The smart away of preventing this problem is putting your window cracked during warm season. Once you can overcome the hot weather, the cold season shouldn’t be a problem for your car leather interior. So, when you leave your car in the cold, the leather is safe.

How To Prevent Leather Cracks - Chemical Guys Car Care

It is expected of you to have an effectively parking air conditioning system in your car if you are using a car with leather interior. You can also ask around for where to get cleaning tools for leather upholstery. Don’t spoil the look of your elegant leather interior through accidental or ignorant use of wrong cleaner. Naijacarnews feels if one can keep these precautionary activities, it will be easy to maintain and preserve the life and beauty of your car leather upholstery.

Best of luck!

Oluwaseun Adeniji


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