How you should check the oil level of your car


If you think that to check the oil level of your car is a dirty job, change your mind!

Inspecting the level of oil in the car is unarguably the most important step in extending the lifespan of the engine. You definitely do not need to engage the service of an expert to do that for you just like you could also perform oil change by yourself. The dipstick present in the engine would indicate the level of oil if an addition is needed or you still have a full oil level. If you are scared of staining your cloth, change your mind as to check the oil level of your car is obviously not one of those dirty jobs.

1. Vital fluid

The lifeblood of your car is oil. Every vehicle requires oil to perform its basic function. Without it, you are putting your vehicle in a serious risk. The cleaning and warming up of the engine is the responsibility of this fluid. The fact that metal doesn’t touch another metal is the job of the oil, by providing enough lubrication for them.

2. Finding the dipstick

You and I know it’s not possible for you to see through to the bottom of your engine to know the amount of oil inside with just the naked eyes. That is why the automakers have always put a measuring tool known as the dipstick to do that for you. The dipstick is the thin, long rod made from a semi-flexible metal with a looped handle and normally found at the side of the car’s engine. Finding it is quite easy since the looped handle is usually coloured. Some are also indicated with the tag “oil” or “OEL”. If you own a car with automatic transmission, there is possibility that yours come with dipstick for transmission fluid. Be careful which one you pick. If you are confused, take a look at the car’s manual.


Make sure you clean the dipstick with clean cloth before dipping it into the engine for accurate reading of oil level

3. How to check the oil in your car

Make sure you park on level surface before you start this exercise. This is to prevent the slashing of oil backward or forward while checking. Parking on a flat surface would ensure accurate reading. Make sure you allow your car to settle down if you just parked after driving for a long time.

Make sure you wipe the head of the dipstick with clean rag or towel after you must have safely popped the hood open. Now, you can insert it into the engine and allow it to go all way down. When you pull it out, do not turn it upside down. This could ruin the true level of the oil in your engine by allowing the oil to drip upward. There are usually two marked spots at the base of the dipstick indicating the end of the oily part and the beginning of dry side. When you notice the oil to be in between two marks, you are safe for now.

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How to Check Oil Level - Auto Talk

When you notice that the oil is below the base mark, you should add oil (a quart) to it. Always get the best oil for your car and avoid adding more than required oil to the engine. It really gets messy when you overfill the engine.

It is as simple as that! Now you have your car in good shape and well lubricated. Make sure you inspect the oil level in your car often and do not forget that oil change is also important as well.

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