Protect the environment by putting those 7 car parts into recycling


Have you been throwing away your old car parts? It's time to get them recycled and start using them. Check out 7 car parts that can be recycled and reused.

Regular car inspection and maintenance demand that car parts should be removed and replaced when they become old or wear out. Also, car parts that got ruined by an accident may likely need a replacement and if the damage from the accident is extensive, the car will have to be replaced. If you are going to be throwing away any used or damaged car part, you might try checking if the car part is recyclable.

Recycling is a way of reducing the quantity of waste that builds up and harms the environment. Cars are already contributing to atmospheric pollution in heavily populated cities. So, it's expedient that some car parts be used again on some vehicles or remanufactured for something else. To this effect, we’ve compiled a list of the most recycled car parts on, to help you know how to go about your car parts when replacing them.


There are lots of parts in a car that can and should be recycled

1. Used engine oil and oil filter 

The disposal of your used engine oil indiscriminately contaminates the soil and water. And they can be reused. Oil can actually get dirty but never gets worn out. Whenever you replace your motor oil, take it to an auto shop that does recycling of oil. They will have it cleaned up and then it will look all new, ready to be reused.

Again, the oil filters are recyclable too. A filter is made up of steel, approximately one pound. When you take them in for recycling by a factory that does that, the oil on the filter will be fully drained and it can be put to use again, by a steel manufacturing company. Gather them in a plastic bag to be sent for recycling.


Used oil is a great threat to the environment without being recycled

2. Tyres

Tyres are nondegradable components, meaning that they can't be broken down into smaller parts. And for this reason, they fill up space in dumping grounds if you don't recycle them. Even worse, burning them pollutes the air and environment with toxic chemicals. If a tyre is taken out of a car and it's still good, you can reuse it on other cars or still get it fixed and branded as a new tyre. We have scrap dealers around that can appreciate these tyres when it's donated to them.

If the tyres have worn out beyond usage, the next option is to recycle it and repurpose it for something else. Like fuel or a rubberized highway asphalt. Take old Tyres to recycle factories to prevent unnecessary waste from building up.


The worn-out or blown-out tire is dangerious for driving but it still works wonders if used correctly

3. Auto glass 

Every year, a lot of broken windshields are changed and ninety-eight percent of them end up being thrown away. In the past, it was difficult recycling a windshield because it is squeezed in between two coatings of plastics. But the improvement of technology has provided an easy way to recycle the glass. Now, companies that replace windshields partner with recycling companies to remanufacture the windshield.

What more? Windshields are modifiable and can be repurposed into concrete blocks, floor tiles, jewelry, glass bottles, etc.


We now can easily recycle windshield

4. Scrap metal

Metal is very easy to recycle. A wrecked car comes with doors, aluminum rims, side mirrors, steel wheels, door handles and more. Every metallic component found in the car can be repurposed by melting them. Scrap yards buy off a damaged car and remove some parts before crushing it into metal for other use.

5. Engine and emission system parts

The engine and some car components have a long lifespan. This makes them a great choice for remanufacturing and reuse purposes. An engine can be cleaned up and reconditioned to be sold off again at a low cost to beat expensive engines. When the engine is rebuilt with advanced materials, it may be more effective. Other car parts that can be recycled include transmission, catalytic converter, spark plugs, and radiators.

6. Plastic components

Car components also come in plastic form. The dashboards, gas tank, lights are all recyclable materials. When they are removed from the car, they can be melted and used for other purposes.

7. Batteries and electronics

Car batteries contain lead together with other Electronics. Lead is contaminants when disposed on the environment. Car drivers are advised to send their old batteries back to producers or send them to recycling factories. Acid from old batteries is transformed into sodium sulfate to be used on textiles, glass, and detergent.

A car recycling plant shredding cars

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