Rattling noise when accelerating - what it says about your car


Just like every other mechanical problems, neglecting this sign especially rattling sound will make the problem with your vehicle get worse and consequently incur massive debt on you for fixing it.

Several disturbing sounds produced by your car mean different things or problems with your car. Rattling noise is that noise that indicates a fault with one or more major components in the engine. Just like every other mechanical problems, neglecting this sign especially rattling sound will make the problem with your vehicle get worse and consequently incur massive debt on you for fixing it.

Naijacarnews have identified a few mechanical problems that could cause rattling sound when you attempt to accelerate.


You need to check your engine for rattling noise

  • Low transmission fluid level

This is a minor issue and the solution can be proffered quickly without breaking much of a sweat. The reason for the rattling noise is because there is a drop in the required of fluid needed by your car engine. This issue can be easily fixed and at the same when you take it lightly will means more trouble.

  • Bad torque converter

When the torque converter in your car is damaged, you need to contact auto repair shop as soon as possible. The early sign of a failing torque converter is not noticeable but as it gets worse, the frequency of the rattling noise increases.

  • Failed motor mount

When there is a failure in the motor mount which is located on the passenger side of your vehicle, there is much possibility for occurrence of rattling noise. So, how do you know when the mount motor is damaged? It is evident when the oil leaks uncontrollably from the motor mount. If you observe the mount and discover oil dripping, it means the motor mount is failing or impaired.

There may be a situation that you not see any stain of oil, it is a general suggestion that you need to call the attention of a trained professional.

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Failed motor mount can be responsible for rattle noise

  • Broken heat shield

When your heat shields are loose or broken, they will fail to function as they reflect barriers in the exhaust system and other components such as fuel line, cabin of your car and gas tank. This means that heat will be uncontrollably supplied to these vital places. This will make your car to give very alarming rattling sound when you are driving or moving at top speed.

To diagnose this problem, you need to check if the shields are responsible for this noise by checking your exhaust system. This is definitely not the kind of inspection you want to do when your engine is running or just powered off. This is because; the exhaust pipe and other key parts will be very hot. You have to wait for few hours before you carry your inspection on it.

  • Loosened V-Belt pulley

The v-belt pulley works and aligns with the increase in the acceleration of the engine. When they are loosening, it creates a loud rattling noise that will make you halt your engine due to panic.

The reason for this noise is because the loosened belt has caused friction with the metal-on-metal contact. To check the source of this problem, take a look at your engine and locate the pulley belt for frayed sides. If the belt is damaged, you will need to replace it but in a situation where it is only loosened, you only need to fix it back.

Video: How to fix rattling noise in your car

Finally, rattling noise is not only limited when you are moving your car at top speed, your car may also make a rattling noise when you are driving at low speed. When you find yourself in this unwanted dilemma, what you need to do is to perform similar diagnosis used on rattling noise at high speed.

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