Signs of a bad or failing oil pressure sensor and its replacement cost


What are the signs and symptoms of a bad or failing oil pressure sensor in a car? How much does it cost to replace one? Find out here now!

We have figured out another interesting car part here at which we realize is causing a problem for many Nigerian car owners and drivers. It’s the oil pressure sensor.

Oil is a very important fluid that helps to lubricate the components and parts of any vehicle’s engine resulting in less friction occurring between the inner parts of the engine. But it can become really hard to figure out the right amount of oil that is actually passing through the engine at a time. This is where the need for an oil pressure sensor comes in.

The oil pressure sensor is a device that can actually detect when an engine has low oil pressure. But since this device is very much connected to the engine’s oil pressure gauge and the vehicle’s computer, it is needed to always function properly in order enable the computer to determine the correct amount of oil is kept flowing into a car’s engine.


The oil pressure sensor is important for figuring out the right amount of oil to passing through the engine at a time

Top 3 Symptoms of a bad or failing oil pressure sensor

Whenever the oil pressure sensor is not working properly, a vehicle’s engine will suffer the effects as it wouldn’t be getting the correct amount of oil flow within. Below are some of the top 3 symptoms to look out for as they usually indicate a bad oil pressure sensor in a car. Here they are;

1. Oil Pressure light blinking

This is one of the easiest ways to detect a bad oil pressure sensor. In such a case, you will just notice that the oil pressure light is not being consistent as it will be coming on and going off at intervals, more or less blinking. When such is being noticed, it is very likely to be an early warning sign of a bad or failing oil pressure sensor.

We advise not to continue driving such a car with this issue, or ignoring the light rather you should go get the oil pressure sensor changed as soon as possible to avoid further severe damages that can come from maybe an unnotified low oil level.

2. Oil pressure light stays on

This is also not to be ignored rather you should first check to see if it's not the case that your engine has a low oil level.

A bad oil pressure sensor can cause the oil pressure light to stay on even when there isn’t any issue with your engine oil


If after checking you realized that the oil levels are appropriate but this oil pressure light still keeps staying on then, it’s a good sign of a possible bad or failing oil pressure sensor. Go get it changed as soon as you can.

3. Wrong oil pressure gauge

For older cars, there is much likelihood of you finding a sort of mechanical gauge in the engine that actually does the job of determining the oil pressure. If you check and see this manual gauge showing a reading of “0” while you can clearly see that your oil levels are very much normal and at appropriate levels, then such an oil pressure sensor is bad already.

But since in modern cars, things are more of electronic rather than mechanical so, the best giveaway when there is a bad oil pressure sensor is strange values showing up at your oil pressure readings, it could stay stuck at zero oil pressure or full oil pressure and many other irrational readings.

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Oil pressure sensor: Replacement cost in Nigeria

It’s sort of a relief to know that the replacement cost for a new oil pressure sensor is actually smaller than one would think. With just ₦5,000 to ₦6,000, you can get a bad oil pressure sensor changed. The device itself costs between ₦3,000 to ₦4,000 and the mechanic shouldn’t charge more than ₦1,000 as workmanship unless you have taken your car to a fancy shop.


This tiny oil pressure sensor won't cost you an arm an a leg


Once you notice any of the above 3 signs, make sure to get your car checked soon and stop driving it rather than ignore the signs.

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