Simple techniques of replacing exterior car door handle


When the handle to your car door fails you, it could be very upsetting. Click here to see the simple techniques of replacing exterior car door handle.

Car door handle is that part of the car that is frequently used. You cannot afford to be locked outside just because the handle is not working properly. The funny twist to this is, the handle might seem fine to you but your gut says something is wrong. Oops! But you could try another door to access the driver seat. That means you will have to climb over the seats before you get behind the wheel. If you try this for few days, it might start frustrating you. Why not fix the door handle? Here on Naijacarnews are the simple techniques of replacing exterior car door handle.

How to easily replace the car door handle

There is no rule that says the first place to develop fault is the driver’s door handle. It could be the other side or even the inside handle. Regardless it is essential you quickly find a solution by replacing it. What you should know is that most of these handles are products of plastic or even common metal cast. That is why it is easy for it to spoil overtime due to incessant usage. Replacing door handle varies in different models, but in most cases, it should be an easy task to do.

Step 1

Get yourself a similar car door handle of good quality since you cannot replace the damaged one without having a replacement. Take your time to have a look at the setup of the entire handle and check if there is need to connect few things such as levers or even electrical connection especially if the door is automatic. There is possibility for fasteners to be at both ends. Studying this handle will make the job easier for you.

You may need to ask the parts expert if the handle comes with a cylinder lock. If that is the case, you need to choose whether you want to retain your old door key or you want a new set of keys. If you are in hurry to fix it, you might need to stick with the keys that came with the lock but if you are sticking to your old key, the lock will be adjusted to the key using the serial number of the car. But it takes time.


A damaged car door handle is more than capable of ruining your day

Step 2

You need to find the fastener which is most likely around the doorjamb. Whether behind plastic plug or even on the weather-strip. Be patient since finding the fastener on the doorjamb shouldn’t be difficult of a task. It might just a single fastener in some cases or there might be another at the other end.

Step 3

To avoid scratching or damaging the paint work of your car, you need to apply painter’s tape around the door handle you are working on. Always use quality tape that will not stress you when you want to remove.

Step 4

You can now use your screwdriver or even the torx driver to remove the bolts in order to release the handle from the door. To finally detach the car handle, you will need to move the handle towards the front of the vehicle. This will then allow the rear to be released from the door. Hence, the other side will be automatically detached from the slot. This will therefore give you access to any visible components such as electrical connection to be easily removed from it by using your fingers. This could be for the alarm or important component of automatic door.


To replace the exterior car door handle is easier than you imagined

Step 5

If you are opting to replace the old cylinder, you need to put the key in the lock and unclip the fastener, located at the other end that keeps it in place. This is important since there is a possibility of having the clock spring and other devices connected to it. You need to take precaution when you are removing the cylinder with the key stuck in it for replacement. Do not attempt to remove the key while doing this. Except you want to create mess of tiny springs.

Step 6

To install the new handle, make sure you have set up the rubber gasket and other things before you slide in the door handler. After this, it is important you connect any electrical component back and slowly guide the handle into the slot. After which you need to take a peep into the hole and set its perfect engagement. It might be important at this stage to use the lock to allow the latch to position itself while you insert the handle.


Except you have the technical skill, replacing interior car door handle can be pretty difficult

Step 7

This is the time to install the fastener on the door jamb. Refrain from tightening it for now. When you do this, you need to inspect the handle if it is in the right position on the door slot. If there is a fastener on the front side of the handle, you will need to install it now. Again, do not tighten it yet. This is because you must tighten the fastener placed on the door jamb before you attempt to tighten other fasteners.

Step 8

When you are done, you need to check all what you have been doing since by trying out the door handle, checking the alarm on the door and testing whether the lock system is working perfectly. When you are convinced that everything is working fine, you can now cover the holes by putting back the plastic plugs.


You can now see that it is quite easy fixing and replacing the handle of your car door from the outside. If you are not really bothered by the time you will spend on it, it is just what you can do right at home by following the steps above. However, it is important to tell you that fixing a door handle from the inside is very complex and requires a level of technical skill. You might need to call your auto mechanic if you notice that the problem is from inside. He will fix it easily for you and you get on with your daily activities.

How to Replace a Broken Car Door Handle

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