Squealing noise from the brakes: What is the culprit?


Are you getting some strange squeaking or squealing noise from the brakes of your car and worried if something is wrong? Find out the possible cause here now!

NaijaCarNews.com cannot shy away from the fact that squealing brakes is a relatively common problem faced by most Nigerian drivers and we are yet to address the issue. This is why in this post; we will be providing our expert opinions and experience to help clear the air.

First, if the squeaking or squealing noise you are getting from your brakes is usually during your first early morning drive particularly after a heavy rain or snow (in some regions); be rest assured that i'ts just your vehicle’s brake pads that are scrapping off surface rust from the rotors during the first set of times that you hit the pedals.

Such type of squealing noise described in the paragraph above could also be as a result of dirt and moisture that has accumulated on the brake rotors which also includes condensation as a result of high humidity level. If you notice that the squealing noise goes away just after a few times of applying the brakes then you should have no worries!


Don’t panic at all brake squealing noises; some are actually normal and Okay!

But if the squealing noise actually persists or you hear it repeat itself every single time you hit the brakes, or even worst, you keep hearing the squealing noise continually as you drive, then you should worry because the cause of such a problem is a bit more serious than usual and the “fix” job will be surely more expensive than negligible.

So squealing brake noise – What’s causing it?

A high-pitched continuous squealing noise being heard when driving a car is usually caused by a built-in type of wear indicator that literally tells you when it’s time to prepare for a brake pad replacement.

As your vehicle’s brake pads get thinner while wearing down, a small-sized metal tab gets to contact the surface of the rotors just like when a play-head needle touches a vinyl record and audible music start to play only in this case its audible squealing noises warning you to get new pads soon.

In some other cases, the wear indicators might be working differently by engaging (making noises) only when the brakes are applied alone and when they are not, you don’t get any warning.

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Other types of squeaking or squealing might require a more thorough brake inspection in order to diagnose them and they may need the adjustment, lubrication, and cleaning of the brakes or possibly getting new parts of the brake.

Just keep in mind that most brake noises are usually caused by loose or worn parts.

So, if your brakes are squealing then, get it inspected for loose or worn parts and if the diagnosis turns out worse, prepare for parts replacement.

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