Synthetic or conventional oil: Which suits your car better?


Getting the right motor oil for your car is essential for your engine to perform well. If synthetic or conventional oil for your car is being your headache now, you're at the right place! Keep reading!

The importance of oil in cars is not up for debate. What is up for debate is the efficacy of the oils on the market. If you go to buy motor oil for your car, you will see so many of it, you could get confused.

A simple Google search on motor oil gives you many search results. You will be staring at all of these options, wondering which of them is best for your car. There is the temptation to go for the one with the most captivating design or most convincing description. Of course, every seller will claim that their motor oil is the best. If they say otherwise, they will not make any sales. It is totally up to you to figure out which one is truly the best before parting with your money. Naijacarnews is here to guide you in figuring out if synthetic or conventional oil is better for your car.

Types of motor oils

There are two major types of motor oil: synthetic and conventional.

Synthetic oil is refined, purified, distilled and broken into molecules. In the process of refinement, impurities and dirt from the oil are removed. By the time it is ready, it is of very high quality, and works very well in cars especially modern ones. The refined molecules make the oil to generate higher and better performance in cars than conventional oil.


With the right oil, your car moves smoothly on the road

Conventional oil, on the other hand, does not go through all the processes synthetic oil goes through. Suffice to say, conventional oil is not as sophisticated as synthetic oil. As a result of the chain of processes involved in making synthetic oil, it is more expensive than conventional oil.

3 factors to consider in choosing the right motor oil for your car

1. Your location

What does location have to do with engine oil? One might ask. Your location matters in the sense that it determines the amount of work your car does. Is the weather in your location hot or cold? As one living in Nigeria, the weather is obviously hot. So, going for oil suitable for cold weather is counterproductive. Are the roads in your area flat or hilly? The more work your car does, the more oil it consumes. Synthetic oil is more suitable for high-performance cars.

2. Driving habits

How do you handle your car? Some people like to drive “slow and steady,” while others drive like they are participating in a car race. Do you move at high speeds often? If the answer is yes, then you are better off with synthetic oil. If you have a sizeable budget, you can go further by getting one with special additives that will work better for you.

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3. Your vehicle

One of the perks of buying a brand-new or relatively new vehicle is that it comes with the entire manufacturer’s information. In such a situation, you will not be in the dark about the best motor oil to use as it will be clearly spelt out by the manufacturer. You are advised to read it carefully and follow their instructions because it is a product of several research carried out on that specific brand and model. Do not use oil just because your friend says the oil works well on their own car. Unless both of you have the same kind of car, the results may not be the same.


Each kind of car has a recommended kind of oil

Should I use synthetic or conventional oil?

Generally, synthetic oil works better than conventional oil. But that is not enough reason for you to choose it over conventional oil especially if you cannot afford it. Conventional oil is okay too. If you cannot spare more money to get synthetic oil, you will be fine with conventional oil, especially if it is not categorically stated in your owner’s manual that you should get the synthetic one. If your car is of high performance and you want to maintain its performance, go for synthetic oil.

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