The Sun And UV - Protecting your car from this two damaging elements!


The Sun and UV are two elements that can have a lasting negative impact on not just the exterior of your car, but the interiors as well.

The fate of cars these days is dependent on the maintenance culture imbibed by each car owner. Either it’s a new car, or a tokunbo, the longevity or the car's neatness is to a large extent how you prevent damaging activities, either human or natural damaging activities from reaching your vehicle.

With the depletion of the ozone layers, you will do well to know ways of protecting your car from natural damaging elements like the sun rays and Ultraviolet (UV) rays.

These two elements can have a lasting negative impact on not just the exterior of your car, but the interiors as well.

Naijacarnews addresses some proactive ways you can use to protect your car interior and exterior especially when the weather becomes extremely hot - which is almost every day in Naija. So let's dive in together!

Oh, my body! Do you mean your car exterior?

The exterior of your car is made mostly of metals that have some resistance to the heat from the sun, but it is not entirely free from the damage from the UV especially the paint job. Let's see some preventive maintenance activities to protect your car from these damages.

1. Car wash regularly!

The heat from the sun can fade your car body paint as well as cause it to crack. This might be directly linked to dirt and scratches on the body of the car as dirt particles can cause a scratch on the body which the sun then acts on to affect its damage. Washing of your car should be done between 2 to 3 weeks in extremely hot weather to reduce the effect of paint damage.


Washing your car regularly helps your car maintain the body paint! 

2. Car waxing - yes! It's highly recommended

Waxing your car is a potent form of paint protection for your car. This is because the car wax has layers that lay above your car paint to protect it till it (the wax) wears off.  Waxing your car should be done at least every 3 weeks to get the best result.

3. Tyre pressure gauge - very important!

This cannot be overlooked during hot weather's, and having a basic tyre pressure gauge comes in handy in your toolbox, and should make the difference. Check your tyres very often when temperatures are extremely hot as this might likely lead to a slow leak or even a total blow out.

The interior - it needs protection too!

Your interior car parts are also very important as the damage can cause delamination of volatile plastics in the car, as well as fading the upholstery works of your chairs. Have a read below, and find protection activities for your interiors.

1. Shade and parks - very good for your interiors!

The effect of UV on your car is as a result of the direct beaming of the sun for which if avoided can reduce the damage on your interior car parts. Parking in a shade reduces the direct impact of the UV rays and elongates the life of the interior of your car.

2. Find a carport or garage for your car

This obviously is more intentional than finding shades to park. This is because a garage or a carport is usually man-made structures, built specifically for the purpose of protecting your car from the direct impact of the sun. You should park in a garage or carport if you have one, but if you park on the street, then you should use a car cover to protect your car interiors especially the upholstery.

3. Clean up your dash regularly!

Dirt on your dash is usually affected by the direct impact of the UV rays to cause maximum damage on the dash. Cleaning your dash with low-gloss detailed wipe gives the UV nothing to act on, thereby extending the life of your dash while reducing glare on your dash.


You should clean your dash of dirt to reduce heat damage and sun glare!

4. Windshield sun protector - handy accessory for your interior!

It is very useful to have a windshield protector to reflect off any direct heat impact from the sun through the windshield. This makes it cooler within the car while protecting the interiors from the damage caused by the sun.


Windshield protection is essential for sun protection for your car!

5. The car seats sure can be covered

A car seat cover can protect the damage of the sun on the originally manufactured set cover of your car. So if you decide to sell your car in the future, you can be assured of a good price for it, as your car seat would have retained the seat colour.


Maintain your car seats with car seats' cover for a better second-hand value!

Mechanical Systems can also benefit.

The mechanical systems of your car can also be damaged by the direct impact of the sun especially in extreme temperatures. So in order to preserve the life of your mechanical system, you will need to consider the following.

1. Are the cooling systems actually cooling?

Checking the cooling systems in high temperatures is essential to keep your engine working optimally. This will do well to tackle overheating in these extreme conditions. Antifreeze, coolants, and belts of your cooling system should be replaced immediately by an experienced mechanic as necessary to avoid overheating.

2. Car fluids - are they levelled?

Car fluids should be up to normal levels at all times to ensure the car works fine during hot seasons. Fluids like brake fluid, oil, and transmission fluids as well as power steering fluids are essential to keep cars from overheating during hot weather conditions and should be replaced as necessary.

3. Batteries should be checked!

It is usual to use air-condition during hot weathers, and this can put some strains on the battery leading to its failure as well as a replacement more often. You should have your batteries checked for operating at the right voltage.

Video: How To Protect Your Car From Sun Damage

Final take!

To protect your car from the damaging effects of the sun and UV rays, Naijacarnews feels if you can keep up with these preventive measures you should be able to keep your car working optimally even if it's hot out there!

Segun Ogunbiyi


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