Top 5 advantages of getting new tires for your car


Tires are a very simple but important component that helps a vehicle last longer. Check here to see the 5 major advantages of buying new tires for your car! and many other automobile experts believe that proper maintenance doesn’t only make a vehicle last longer, but also saves the owner the tons of money that would be needed for unplanned servicing and repair for a horribly maintained car.

Keeping a vehicle’s tires in good condition goes a long way in increasing any vehicle’s lifespan. Nonetheless, replacing worn out tires with new ones is the best practice in tire maintenance. Reason being that good tires gives the driver a better driving experience, provide better traction and also contribute to safety in any vehicle. We noticed that lots of drivers are most times reluctant to purchase new tires all in the name of saving money. Anyone with such a mindset must be forgetting the huge money saving benefits attached with replacing worn out tires with new ones. This is why in this article we have taken the time to actually list and discuss some of the reasons why you should buy new car tires.

1. New car tires guarantee better safety

Safety in a vehicle is a feature that we always advise all car owners and drivers to pay good attention to first. Even if not for you, do it for your loved ones that might be traveling with you in that your vehicle at any time. And if you are a public paid bus driver, you should know how important the safety of all your passenger and your vehicle itself is especially for your transport business and your reputation.

For the next 65,000 to 100,000 miles, you can expect new tires to keep you and your passengers safe. Although, that will still be totally dependent on the quality of the tires as well as the condition of the roads which you ply with the new tires. Naturally, if you maintain quality new tires well enough, they can serve you for some years. And you should currently be able to get new tires between ₦144,000 and ₦180,000 ($400 - $500), depending on the tire type and specifications that suits your vehicle.


New tires contribute a lot to the overall safety in a vehicle as you drive

2. New tires give better traction

If you don’t know, we’ll inform you that new tires will make it easier for you to turn, move, and stop your vehicle smoothly. Reason for this is due to the fact that new tires will have a better grip on the surface of the road because of their better and fresh tread patterns. They will save you from skids and slides regardless of the presence of water, snow or dirt on the road you are driving on.

3. They provide better gas mileage

Gas mileage is directly affected by old tires as they will have uneven treads which will require the car driver to be putting more effort to move or turn the car. You will be getting yourself a reduced fuel usage in your vehicle by replacing old tires with new ones. Nonetheless, remember to ask your local mechanic to help you inflate, balance, align and mount the new tires properly in order to prevent the new tires from premature wear and tear as well as to ensure you enjoy the maximum fuel efficiency from the new tires.

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4. They deliver better road performance

Most worn out old tires would have little or even no tread left on them for grip during movement. If you paid attention, you will realize this is making you work harder as you will realize the car is needing to push more power to the road surface in order to apply a brake or to turn the vehicle. And these worn out tires also affect safety by making the vehicle take long to stop especially when the brake is applied in cases of emergency. So, you should definitely expect an overall better performance delivery by buying new tires to replace the old ones.

New Tires vs Worn Tires - What Performs Best?

5. You get a comfortable drive

Just like we had mentioned earlier above, new tires would offer you a better grip on the road surface thereby making you experience an overall smooth and comfortable drive. Apart from even the fact that new tires generate less noise when compared to old, worn out ones. So, you might want to consider the benefits of a smooth, quiet and comfortable drive when contemplating whether to buy new tires or not.

6. When should you replace old tires?

When you realize that your current tires are all worn out and /or showing tiny thread like metals (that’s worse). We recommend you contact a tire expert or an auto repair shop to confirm the remaining tread life left in your current tires. And these people can also give you better and valuable suggestions that will help you make a wise decision regarding getting new tires. Goodluck!

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