When is the best time to change car battery in your Toyota Prius?


If you are using Toyota Prius, knowing the when is the best time to change the battery in your Toyota Prius will save you from unanticipated roadside frustration and unnecessary delay from dead battery. Read on!

Do you own a Toyota Prius model? You might have been driving this car for a while and you wonder when the best time to replace the battery is. The thought might be as a result of the sign of impending battery problem but avoidance of such by any means.

When you make use of Toyota Techstream software, it becomes so easy to understand the power or capacity of the cell modules in the battery, hence easy to determine when to change car battery in your Toyota Prius. If you are unable to get this, you can also get the needed info through the energy screen for state of charge (MFD for SOC). This could also serve as effective clue for various stages.

1. Stage one: Replacement is optional

When the car battery charges in a consistent pattern onto seven green bars around all sessions, this could indicate a possible early sign for possible drop or loss in the capacity.

At this stage, it's totally up to you and your condition to change your car battery or not. If you want an effective battery and don't mind spending a sum, just go ahead. By contrast, if you hope to save your budget while still manage to drive with the aging battery, you can wait till it reaches stage two.


You can check for the capacity or power of the battery using software before you think of replacing it

2. Stage two: You had better replace it asap

When the bars drop suddenly to two bars and rapidly charge up to green bars. It also loses its charge when you decide to park. This is often the main sign of degrading battery before it finally fades out.

In this case, you should have it replaced quickly so the car operation is not affected.

Signs that your Prius Hybrid Battery is going bad - Updated list

When you allow your car to sit for too long, it reduces the power when compared with driving it often. Fifty percent lifespan of the battery could also be reduced by heat especially when you stay in a climate that is really hot. Red triangle of death is among the various bad signs you would get when the battery is getting really weak.

Ensure you put off all features in your Toyota Prius model that would drain or weaken up the battery power quickly enough. You can make use of Grid charger for battery reconditioning, hereby extending its lifespan.

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