Why your car pedal vibrates whenever you hit the brakes!


Are you experiencing some unusual vibrations from your car’s pedal whenever you hit the brakes? In this article, we have explained what’s wrong. See it here!

If you want to trust us at NaijaCarNews.com, just accept this fact that as well tell you; there are no normal or good vibrations whenever it comes to the brakes of a car, sorry!

Yes, the reason why you might feel any type of vibrations mostly through a vehicle’s brake pedal will usually be due to a problem with the brake rotor – this is a rotating disc which the brake pads are normally pressed against by the brake callipers in order to slow down the wheel. The brake rotors will give such vibrations when its either unevenly worn out or “Warped” as some people like to call it.

A strongly felt “Brake Vibration” or “shaking/pulsating” as it is referred to sometimes, is usually the result of some parts of a vehicle’s disc brake’s rotor being somewhat thinner than the others rather than being uniform all around it.

As you apply the brakes, the brake pads in your vehicle will be immediately pressed by the brake callipers directly against the low and high spots which make you feel vibrations through the steering wheel or pedals itself.


Worn out or warped rotors are the major cause of vibrations when hitting the brakes in a car

Also, dirt and rust can build up directly on the brake rotor resulting in some minor vibrations felt in your vehicle.

In reality, don’t be surprised that a brake rotor’s thickness only needs to vary as much as just a few thousandths of an inch before a driver begins to feel brake vibrations or steering wheel vibrations.

In an even more serious case where the rotors are truly warped, the entire vehicle itself would feel shaky or the driver feels the steering wheel getting pulled each time he/she hits the brakes of the car.  

Another common cause of distorted brake rotor is with the brake pads not being fully released by the vehicle’s callipers when a driver has removed foot from the brake pedal thereby causing friction as the vehicle’s wheel still rotates.

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Also, in some other cases, “warped rotors” can actually be resurfaced (by machine) on a vehicle’s brake lathe to really create smooth sort of rotor finish in order to really stop the shaking only if there is actually enough thickness still left in such rotor.

Resurfacing of rotors to really make them as smooth as possible pretty much requires the scraping-off of the metal’s top layer. If done too much, the rotor’s thickness will already become used up, and then the rotor would really have to be replaced in order to really cure the vibrations/shaking.

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