15 facts you never knew about Carter Bridge!


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15 facts you never knew about the Carter bridge

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  • The construction of the Carter bridge took place in the year 1901 in Lagos state, Nigeria.
  • The Carter bridge then was the only bridge that connected the Lagos island part of Nigeria to the mainland.
  • Carter Bridge is not the only bridge connecting the island to the mainland because other bridges like the 3rd Mainland bridge and the Eko bridges also connects the island to the mainland.
  • The starting point of the bridge is from Iddo which is on the mainland and it ends at Idumota which is the Lagos Island.
  • The carter bridge was named after the then governor of the colony of Lagos which is Sir Thomas Gilbert Carter.
  • After a while, the expansion and upgrading of the carter bridge took place in the year July 1958 and it was commissioned by the British colonial government.

The view of the Carter bridge

  • The firm that constructed the carter bridge is Borini Prono Nigeria limited.
  • After the 1960 independence, in order to renovate the bridge, the government dismantled the bridge, designed it and built it all over again. When it was reconstructed again hollows were included to the beams.
  • In 1973, the flyover at Alaka-Ijora around the Iddo end was completed.
  • When you get to the bridge you will notice motorists parking by the side of the bridge which has resulted in it deteriorating and being congested which has contributed to its deteriorating state.
  • The Nigeria Institute of Structural Engineers issued a warning in 2003 that if vehicles were not stopped from parking on the bridge that the bridge will collapse.


Motorists have been banned from parking on the bridge

  • The Lagos state commissioner on transport in April 2006 gave a directive that all commercial motorists will be banned from the carter bridge if they are coming to Lagos Island.  
  • And in that same 2006, Lagos state government shared a circular and said anyone caught parking on the bridge will have to pay a fine of ₦ 50,000.
  • The carter bridge was deemed to be unsafe because of the lack of street lights on the bridge so the then Lagos State governor Raji Fashola had street lights installed for better safety.
  • You may be wondering about the length of the bridge so the carter bridge is 11.8 km.


The length of the Carter bridge is 11.8 km

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