17 passengers die in 18-seater bus accident in Benue


Tragedy! 17 passengers in an 18-seater bus have lost their lives in another road accident in the country! How did the fatal crash happen?

A collision between a truck and an 18-seater bus In Benue State claimed seventeen lives on Monday, September 16, 2019.

Investigations by Naijacarnews revealed that the bus, which belonged to Benue Link Transport Company, had departed Abuja on the evening of the previous day. The fatal accident occurred when a truck ran into the bus at a narrow bend, throwing it into a ditch. Seventeen passengers reportedly lost their lives, with a woman being the only survivor.


The unfortunate bus was going from Abuja to Benin

The accident was confirmed by Idris Abbas, Director General of the Emergency Management Agency in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), who stated that about fifty motorists have lost their lives on that road.

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Avoid trucks on the road like a plague

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Speaking at a Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) event on road accidents, the Director General said that road accidents needed the absolute attention of everyone. According to him, road traffic accident is a menace facing the nation. Unlike plane crashes that get major media coverage, very little is heard of road crashes even when the number of lives lost is high.

“We need to sit up and educate the populace and also sensitize our leaders and government to place priority in this sector. We need to also keep exploring means and ways to improve. We must stop blaming the responders for every disaster and be patient.”

Abbas urged stakeholders and relevant authorities to prioritize safety of road users across the country.

Naijacarnews gathered that one Tervershina Jebe lost his wife and their three children who boarded the bus.


Jebe lost all his family in the ghastly accident

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Chris Odogwu