₦3.4m to convert a Diesel/Petrol powered car to Electric car, is it feasible?


Do you think Nigerians would ever accept to pay ₦3.4million to in order to have their Diesel/Petrol-powered cars converted to electric cars? Check details of the deal below!

NaijaCarNews has been following the likes of former Nigerian senator, Ben Bruce and few other affluent Nigerians who are promoting the adoption of electric vehicles in the country.  

Apart from these few popular citizens, we are pretty sure that many Nigerians are also enticed and prepared to really embrace the electric vehicles revolution, even though they are still a bit costly and their charging stations are yet to be generally found in Nigeria.

Recently, we discovered that a certain French company has started converting Diesel/Petrol-powered cars into electric cars. Yes, you read that correctly, and the update has made us start to contemplate the possibilities of Nigerians preferring this “conversion” over the direct purchase of new electric cars.

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Electric cars are the new wave worldwide and might enter Nigeria anytime soon!

Transition-One is the name of the French Startup company that has just started to converting conventional Diesel/Petrol-powered cars into electric models for an average cost of ₦3.42 million ($9,500) and a subsidized ₦2.02 million ($5,600) for France-based customers.

When the founder of Transition-One was interviewed about this, he said;

“I’m selling to people who can’t afford a brand new 20,000-euro electric car,”

“We’re turning the best-selling models across Europe into electric cars”

According to the reports we have, an old 2009 Renault Twingo was the company’s first prototype which they fitted with new electric motors and 3 packs of new batteries (1 on the front and 2 on the back at the former gas tank seat).

The company claims that it takes them less than a day to make a complete conversion of a traditional Diesel/Petrol powered car into an electric model. That’s just amazing, isn’t it?

Transition-One also claims that they normally leave the original gearbox and gearshift untouched while they usually install the electrical socket just at the same spot the old gas cap would be commonly found.


You can refer to services of Transition-One on their website

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As of now, the company is focused on exploring some first set of traditional vehicle models which are the;

  • Volkswagen Polo,
  • Toyota Aygo,
  • Peugeot 107,
  • Citroen C1,
  • Fiat 500,
  • and Renault Twingo II

The above-mentioned car models might be scarce in Nigeria but we are sure that such companies doing this type of “conversions” might really storm Nigeria in the future.

Do you think Nigerians will ever want to pay such an amount like the ₦3.42 million to have their cars converted to electric versions?

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Oluwaseun Solomon


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