7 mind-blowing facts about Mercedes-Benz vehicles


Big brands and the stories along their ways to the top are always an interesting topic to look at.

Today, we want to show you a few facts about Mercedes-Benz vehicles so that you can have a better look at what is going on inside of this giant.

The worker: inspection ratio

There are 11 times more workers than inspectors in its assembly factories. Therefore, before standing in a showroom, a car had gone over thousands of examinations.

The massive amount of welding

The average number of welding joint in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle is well above 10,000. This is why its models are usually very rigid and can endure the test of time very well.

The amount of welding on this smooth body is unbelievable high

Safety on the highway

The overhead camshafts are what makes Mercedes-Benz engine stand out among the others, if you are in a need for speed, this component can keep you safe while enjoying a little adrenaline on the ride.

Double protection

The front and rear brakes in a Mercedes-Benz are separated, creating a 2-layer protection and prevent any accident resulted from brake failing. The vehicles are built to run on the road, and only on the road. Mercedes-Benz automobiles use independent swing axle suspension system, the same system they use for their racing models. This system is mainly used to increase the road sticking ability of the vehicles.

A flying car is cool, except it isn't made to fly

Comforting to the last detail

There is a small shock absorber embedded in the steering system in every Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Its main purpose is to prevent the driver’s hands from shocking, for both comfort and safety reasons. These kinds of perfect to detail element are what make its models outlandish in the luxury car market segment.

Bonus facts

The unique ventilation system sucks up the clean air by the hood scoop and expels the bad one to the outside via a system of conduits at the back of the lodge. With this ventilation, you will always breathe in clean air without worrying if you have been in the car for too long or not.

The seats in every Mercedes-Benz model were designed based on the consultation of orthopedic doctors. They are shaped and covered in a way that they support passengers’ important joints like the back or the knee.

The seats are also designed to eliminate most of the fluctuation of the body resulted from the coarse road/potholes, it can even prolong the working capability of human muscles, preventing it from being exhausted.

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The body design of Mercedes-Benz vehicles has been around since its beginning with only some minor changes, and will probably stay that way for a long time ahead, this indicates an undeniable fact that the design is flawless and amazing.