9 latest features standard on cars nowadays


Let's check out 9 latest features standard cars nowadays have. They are also things you should look out for when making a car purchase or better yet, you can consider installing on your vehicle.

Car owners seek different features in the vehicles they buy. Some want one that can blast past a cheetah in less than 10 seconds, others want one that is as comfy as a house and a few won't mind an autonomous vehicle so they won't even make any effort while driving. Whatever your desire is, you'll definitely find a car that meets your needs. In fact, many automakers now install all kinds of system that cuts across the different needs of drivers.

Naijacarnews have put together a list of 9 latest features standard on cars nowadays. They are also things you should look out for when making a car purchase or better yet, you can consider installing on your vehicle.

1. Rear view camera

Years ago, the only way you can see what's behind your vehicle is through the rear view mirror and side mirrors. But the disadvantage of both mirrors is that they don't show you the blind spots around your car. Some of these spots include the bumper area, the rear wheels, the boot and objects close to your car. Tech experts came up with the rear view camera which not only shows you blind spots but they appear on the display screen on your dashboard. So you can still keep your eyes in front while seeing what's happening behind and around the car. You can install this on your vehicle or even get a 360-degree camera system.


A 360 degree rear view camera system ensures you see every blind spot around your car

2. Collision warning

It's always advisable to avoid distractions when driving. But as humans you are not above certain mistakes. You can be as careful as possible but your senses or even brakes can fail you. This is where the collision warning feature comes in. It warns you of possible head-on collision with another vehicle. So you either steer clear or step on your brakes to avoid an accident.

3. Lane assist

Drifting into another lane is almost inevitable, and is one major cause of accidents. Imagine having a system installed in your car that notifies you of when you leave your lane to another or even helps maintain your lane by ensuring your steering wheel doesn't turn differently. Well many latest cars have this feature. The system is meant to serve as both a driver assistant and safety system.

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4. Sound enhancement

Lots of drivers want to be able to hear how their engine sounds and any noise coming from their wheels, trunk or underneath the vehicle. Regardless, they don't want the noise of the car to disturb other road users. Well, the likes of Jaguar and Toyota have this feature in many of their newest cars. They add a silencer to the engine and microphones around major compartments of the car. That way, you can hear when your engine makes a strange noise or an unusual sound comes from the rear. You won't have traveled too far to notice.

5. Phone holders

Not every car has a phone holder. Some of those that have do not allow the hand-free features work efficiently. Though it's never wise to use your phone while driving, but you might need internet connection for your navigation system and emergencies. You need a holder that let's you use your phone without touching it. Many new cars have this and you can consider installing one in your car.


A phone holder enables you use your device hands free without getting distracted

6. Keyless entry

This might not be easily installed in just any car, but you should consider a car with keyless entry - when next you go to make a purchase. When you're in a rush, being harassed or chased, you won't want to be fiddling with your car keys when you get to the door. With a key fob, simply press a button and the door is unlocked. Some even come with a feature that swings the door open without you physically pulling the handle. This is very helpful when your hands are full or dirty and you can't open the door.

7. Power tailgate

Due to insecurity issues in Nigeria, security personnel will always want to have a peek into your trunk to know what you're carrying. You might be too tired to turn off the vehicle and step out to open the boot. The power tailgate is a feature in lots of latest cars where you simply push a button in your driver cockpit and the lid of the boot opens or closes. If you watched the Hitman 2 movie, it was noticeable in the Audi car driven by the leading role.


Less work is required to open the tailgate

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8. Fast charging USB ports

Many cars come with USB ports that charge phones really slowly. You can now have a faster outlet installed or an accessory connected to enhance the speed of charging your phone. This fast charging port also serves as an aux cord outlet for playing songs through your phone.

9. Adaptive mirrors

The last but not least of 9 latest features standard cars nowadays have, is the adaptive mirror. You can have it installed so they tilt to a specific angle when reversing and return back to their normal position when you drive forward. That way, no need to always adjust mirrors when driving.

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Kennedy Ilediagu