Ade-Ojo: Toyota Rush SUV has been savoring immense acceptance in Nigeria


Do you know about the Toyota Rush SUV? Chief Michael Ade-Ojo says that the SUV has surely enjoyed immense acceptance in Nigeria. Is that true? Find out here!

No one can really deny the fact that Toyota is indeed the king of all car brands in Nigeria with a spate of the Japanese models parading on the streets daily. However, most of cars in Nigeria are used ones, which give us less chance to experience latest modern car rides and hence our knowlege of those cars is quite abridged. Tody, Naijacarnews will introduce to you one of those cars that you might not know before: The Toyota Rush which sparked lots of interests of myriads of not only Nigerian but also worldwide customers. caught up with a recent speech given by Chief Michael Ade-Ojo, the current Chairman of TNL (Toyota Nigeria Limited) said that ever since the Toyota Rush has been introduced into the auto market in Nigeria, the model has been enjoying immense acceptance and patronage by customers.


The Toyota Rush SUV – sturdy looking, isn’t it?

While at the recent 2019 Toyota Customer Nite, Chief Ade-Ojo disclosed this by mentioning that the introduction of the Toyota Rush SUV into the Nigerian auto market is one big part of the TNL initiated “customer-friendly business improvement” strategies which are totally aimed at making the Toyota brand of vehicles more affordable to everyone in the country.

The business magnate and CEO of Elizade motors limited in his speech said;

“I want to assure you that despite the monumental challenges in the economy, Toyota Nigeria Limited will continue to devise means that will enable our customers to continue to enjoy their preferred auto brand-Toyota”

“We will continue to initiate customer friendly, business improvement strategies aimed at making our brand more affordable. One of such strategies is the introduction of more affordable Toyota models and spare parts”.

“Only recently, we introduced the Toyota Rush into the Nigerian market. The models have enjoyed tremendous acceptance and patronage by our customers. In addition, we have continuously improved our after-sales architecture in order to give our customers value for their money. We are committed to doing the needful at all times to sustain the culture of superior quality and excellent customer service that TNL is known for”

When speaking further, Chief Ade-Ojo said that their customers have particularly supported them through good and hard times. He also added that their customers have continually been their greatest source of strength as well as their pillar of support in TNL.


Toyota has tried to include quite a few interior tech features but not overwhelming in the Toyota Rush SUV

Earlier this year during the launch of the Toyota Rush SUV in Nigeria, Kunle Ade-Ojo who is the Managing director of TNL had told journalists that the teeming customers of Toyota had been lauding the Rush as a vehicle that will really loosen the  gap between the salon category and the upper-class SUVs of the brand.

Kunle Ade-Ojo also said that the Toyota Rush SUV is such a beauty to behold. He claims that the vehicle will favourably compete well with other vehicles in its segment especially on the platform of elegance, pricing and the Toyota family’s enviable heritage. He stressed further by saying that;

“I am very pleased and thrilled by this model that fuses dynamic energy with sharp elegant styling”.

“It is available in three variants and the Rush is equally imbued with magnificent interior beauty and comfort. It is targeted at aspirational individuals that love the comfort and status of an SUV with excellent drive and affordable price. It is no exaggeration that the rich pedigree of this model already imbues it with outstanding attributes peculiar only to all its siblings in our model line-up”

See a short preview video of the 2019 Toyota Rush SUV below;

  2019 Toyota Rush: Price, Interior, Review, Specs

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We were actually pondering and meaning to ask you guys that; between the Toyota Highlander and the new Toyota Rush SUV, which one would you pick?

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