Aftermarket Tuner ABT dials up the Wheel size and Power of Audi SQ2 to exciting new level!


You have got to check out how the aftermarket Tuner ABT has incredibly dialled up the Wheel size and power of the Audi SQ2. See the details here!

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Since the launch of the Audi Q2, not much “noise” or “craze” followed and even after the automaker unveiled the spiced up “S” version at the 2018 Paris Auto Show, not much attention was given to the baby CUV.

But all that is about to change now as the aftermarket tuner ABT has decided to reintroduce the brand’s smallest Sport SUV – the Audi SQ2, in newer and more powerful form running on its 2.0L gasoline turbocharged engine.

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Riding this ABT’s tuned Audi SQ2 version will surely feel way better than the original

The engine normally delivers a decent 296hp and 295 lb-ft (400Nm) of torque by standard, but for those needing more “oomph” or “excitement”, ABT has now spiced the engine up to reach a whopping 345hp and 325 lb-ft (440Nm) of torque which now makes the ABT tuned Audi SQ2 to hit 62mph (100kph) in just 4.6 seconds from zero.

Also, ABT manipulated the top-speed limiter to increase the electronically limited 155mph (250kph) to a now flat out, 163mph (262kph).

And to even differentiate this tuned version from the original one, ABT went ahead to remove the standard small wheels to create room for newer custom 19-inch or 20-inch black glossy alloy ones that come in a bundle with a custom wheel-space kit as well.

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With all that power, ABT still made sure to add bigger wheels – what more could you ask for?

Isn’t that just the perfect tune for an exciting ride?

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Oluwaseun Solomon