Bugatti awaits proper green light to reveal its latest SUV-inspired model


Bugatti says it wouldn’t launch an SUV but everyone can see a green light as the brand awaits to reveal its SUV-inspired model.

NaijaCarNews recollects the words of Stephan Winkelmann, Bugatti CEO in January 2019 when he made a public announcement saying;

"There will be no SUV from Bugatti."

But in April 2019, reports claim that Bugatti is already working on a kind of “crossover-inspired” sports car which we simply just feel like the brand is making an SUV but doesn’t want to call it an “SUV”.


There have been quite a few signs that Bugatti will be launching its first SUV model anytime soon

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As a matter of fact, recent Intel from Automobile Magazine claims that Bugatti is considering releasing an all-electric Sports Utility Vehicle that will be based on a Rimac platform and will be limited to maybe 600 units annually as well as sell for ₦306 million to ₦360 million ($850,000 - $1 million).


One could bet that a Bugatti SUV will surely deliver top-notch luxury and comfort inside like the Bugatti Chiron

Automobile Magazine later had an interview session with the Bugatti CEO, where they asked him about the company’s plan for a “3-door, ultra-premium crossover SUV”, Winkelman replied saying;

"The design is done. Some potential customers have seen it, and they liked it."

What a clear sign, right?

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Even though the CEO and top officials of Bugatti are given this upcoming model different descriptions to distinguish it from the conventional SUV/crossover, we can see that they are clearly waiting for the proper “green light” to push it out to the world.

And, its obviously going to be a high-performance, luxury, all-electric SUV or CUV.

So, fingers crossed.

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Oluwaseun Solomon