Check out the super weird invisible to visible 12V tech by Nissan in Japan


Nissan is forming a Joint partnership with Japanese Telecom in building highly innovative platform using 5G connectivity in its vehicle. Click here!

Nissan always impresses us with its cutting trend in the automotive industry. One of the most recent technological innovations by the company is known as Invisible-to-visible (12V). This is also a pie-in-the-sky futuristic autonomous-vehicle-cabin concept. While it might seem impossible to achieve sooner enough, Nissan is already breaking unimaginable expectation through its testing of the aspects in Japan with minimal support from giant telecommunication industry.

This announcement was made last Tuesday by Nissan, that the company will soon be testing its 12V technological concept at the Grandrive testing ground at Yokosuka in Japan. The reason for the partnership with the telecom in the country is because of the required heavy data and data processing by the 12V platform. This is why Nissan automaker needs the partnership and support of Japanese telecom company NTT Docomo, to have full access to its 5G data connectivity for the success of this project.


The 12V platform Nissan relies heavily on 5G connectivity data from the Japanese Telecoms

The combined test that will be carried out will serve some purposes such as testing how effective the demo version of the NTTD Docomo 5G connectivity can take care of the data which is being sent to and fro from the vehicle wirelessly. It means Nissan will do a thorough check on the workability of the digital avatar communication system.

The innovative platform of 12V is quite wild and complex. Communication between the vehicle and the occupants is made possible through a beaming three dimensional avatar system known as Multiverse, which could be used for varieties of things. The platform takes lots of stuffs from the outside and communicates it inside. Important things such the pedestrians, roads signs and several other data that could be saved in the cloud. This saved information will be useful for other motorists.

Introducing Nissan's Invisible-to-Visible Technology at CES 2019

The vision behind this platform by Nissan is to ensure that the driver can effectively give suggestions on tricky line, restaurants and even connect with the loved ones at home, as if they are with you on the road. Other automakers might be working towards same direction but in lesser technological platform such as V2X space system but Nissan is really moving very fast at making this 3D Avatar tech a reality and useful tool for all drivers.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji