Chinese President's visit to North Korea, exotic cars and motorcycles in convoy


North Koreans trooped out in thousands to welcome the Chinese President's visit to Pyongyang. Check out the grand welcome with exotic cars and motorcycles!

A huge crowd of North Koreans took to the streets to welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping after he was received by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in the company of his wife Ri Sol-ju at the international airport in Pyongyang.


Both leaders stand on the open-top Mercedes, waving to the crowd

Conveyed in a black Limousine surrounded by no fewer than 21 motorcycles, the Chinese leader was chauffeured around the streets of Pyongyang as thousands of people stood by the road watching him amidst the praise “man sei. "

The guest Xi Jinping and host Kim Jong-un both stood in a Mercedes-Benz with an open-top, waving at the excited crowd on their way to the guest house.


A fleet of the motorcycles welcoming the Chinese President

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Video: North Korea stages huge welcome for visiting Chinese leader Xi Jinping

This visit by the President of China is the first visit from a Chinese leader to the country in the past 14 years, and it comes a few days before Jinping will meet with Donald Trump at the forthcoming G-20 submit which both leaders are scheduled to attend.

According to reports, the 2-day visit by Jinping is of great significance to the relationship between North Korea and China. It also has positive undertones in regard to the nuclear discourse between North Korea and the United States which hit a stalemate after both countries had the second summit in February this year 2019.

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