Clueless! Car thieves crash ₦10m classic Mustang into store to steal 3 gaming consoles


Some thieves are dangerously intelligent, some are just naturally clueless. See thieves that crashed rare Ford Mustang into a store to steal cheap game consoles!

Normally, thieves are known for their clever planning and high display of cruel intelligence. Well, some thieves are just naturally stupid despite the fact that there is no honour in stealing. Just recently, a vintage Ford Mustang was driven into an electronic store and used to smash into the store for a robbery in Athens, Greece.

The strange part is; the car used for this robbery is quite uncommon, making it a very valuable car capable of fetching the owner a lot of money at auction.


The clueless thieves managed to grab 3 PlayStation gaming consoles before fleeing the scene

Though it might sound hilarious, but it is really weird as the thieves only carted away 3 PlayStation consoles after crashing the exclusive Ford mustang into the store. The fleeing thieves were reported to have stolen the car the night before the awkward robbery.

The car was left at the spot scarred and damaged from the crash. According to reports, the roof panel is clearly dented, the bonnet is gone and the windshield with the rear glass is shattered.

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To repair the damaged Ford Mustang 1967 Fastback, it will cost the owner a sum of 5,000 euro

According to the owner of the damaged classic ride, the Ford Mustang Fastback underwent a total restoration, which put the current repair cost at $5,500.

To get a classic 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback, it would cost at least $30,000 (10.8m) and could fetch a lot more depending on the outcome of a possible bidding at an auction. This means, you would buy as much as a thousand gaming consoles of the type these clueless thieves stole.

These thieves absolutely had no idea of the kind of car they stole a night before the robbery. Well, congrats to the shop owner, who didn’t suffer much loss from this incident and owner of the classic 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji