Continental new tire can self-check its health and adjust pressure


A new type of car tyre has just been revealed. It's equipped with technology to save fuel by adjusting its air pressure as you drive on.

Just when you think you have seen it all; NaijaCarNews comes out with another amazing and fresh innovation in the automotive industry.

We were completely thrilled to see the incredibly innovative car tyre revealed by popular German auto parts company, Continental AG at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show.

This newly revealed Continental tyre is equipped with some electronic integration and clever engineering that makes it capable of adjusting its own air pressure while in motion and also monitor its own health at all times.

Many people aren’t aware that recent studies have revealed that tire pressures play a big role in fuel efficiency of most vehicles. It has even been tested and proven that a vehicle can experience a 2.8% fuel economy decrease by mere riding on a 7.5psi underinflated car tire.

It’s even more disappointing to discover that these recent studies also claimed that more than 25% of the vehicles we see daily are riding on improperly inflated car tires all around the world.


This is the new innovative and clever car tyre revealed by Continental AG at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

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In a view to increasing the fuel efficiency of future cars, Continental AG has made its new innovative car tyre capable of monitoring various critical tyre parameters such as tyre pressure, tyre integrity, and thread depth all by itself. The company calls its new innovative technology suite;

“C.A.R.E” which is an abbreviation for “Connected, Autonomous, Reliable, Electrified”

This complex but highly intelligent system enables the tyre to monitor its own air pressure, report its critical data, and also keep itself within the proper parameters autonomously.

In order for this new car tyre to regulate its own pressure, Continental AG built a type of centrifugal pump into the tyre’s wheel directly. This inbuilt pump works by using the wheel’s spinning force to help increase the air pressure of the tyre and keep it within the appropriate inflation specifications on the fly.

Continental AG strongly believes that this new tyre technology will really allow the world to have more fuel-efficient vehicles that will contribute to a remarkable drop in CO2 emissions all over the world.

This new type of connected tyre is a real breakthrough as private companies will now be able to easily manage the tyres of their self-driving vehicles wherever a human driver is absent to manually intervene.

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The new Continental “C.A.R.E” tyre has smart technologies to keep vehicles safer and also boost their fuel efficiency

Apart from delivering better fuel efficiency, Continental AG also believes that this new type of tyre can really boost the overall driving performance of a car. The company included its PressureBoost technology in this new tyre so that it can use available air to adequately adapt the pressure of the tyre to any driving situation it encounters.

This new Continental tyre is obviously the next level of advancement in car tyres.

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Oluwaseun Solomon