Easy-peasy! Volkswagen ID R breaks electric lap record set in Nurburgring with a 6:05.336


The Volkswagen ID R has reached a milestone by smashing every record at Nurburgring Nordschleife with the Porsche driver, Romain Dumas behind the wheel. Read on!

A new milestone has been reached in electro-mobility by Volkswagen. With an average 204.96 km/h in speed, the Volkswagen ID R with the output of 689 horsepower smashed the electric lap record at Nurburgring Nordschleife, through Romain Dumas, who is a driver for Porsche, hereby lapping the 12.9-mile circuit in 05.336 seconds (approximately six minutes).


The Volkswagen ID R was able to reach the milestone by lapping the 12.9-mile circuit in 05.336 seconds

At around 156-corner race time, the ID R also smashed the six minutes 45.90 seconds previously set by Nio EP9 with the output of 1,341 horsepower in 2017, by forty seconds in 2017.

The mark at the Nurburgring is the most recent ID R’s electric record, which a new hill outright record was set last year on the 12.42-mile Pikes Peak International Hill Climb course.

6:05.336 minutes l VW ID.R sets new electric record on the Nürburgring

You would be surprised to know that despite this electric milestone reached by Volkswagen ID R, it doesn’t place it as the fastest world’ s famous track car. This record is being held by Porsche, which is also a product of a parent company, Volkswagen Group. A record of all-time was set last year by Porsche 919 Evo at 5 minutes 19.55 seconds.

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