Fisker has just previewed its electric SUV that is set to rival the Tesla Model Y


Fisker - an American start-up company has previewed its electric SUV due to launch by 2021 which has many indicators of being a Tesla Model Y rival.

A few days ago, Tesla mesmerized us all here at with the launch of its Model Y and we thought the SUV is just too cool only to get a new update now of an American start-up company – Fisker that also previewed its own electric SUV that is due to be launched by 2021.

This is the type of scenarios where one could jokingly say “Let the race begin”.

As a reminder, the Tesla Model Y is a 7-seat electric vehicle that has an about 300 miles range.

Similarly, this yet-to-be-named Fisker SUV has the same specifications as the Model Y and is also set to be priced from less than ₦14.4 million or $40,000 (£30,200) in the United States.

When describing it the company says its;

“captivating design touches that have been traditionally reserved for supercars in the past”.

Some of the details confirmed about the styling of this SUV includes a futuristic headlamp design, flared wheel arches, a huge front air intake, and a front-mounted radar that is placed in place of a grille.

Even though some of its performance details are yet to be revealed to the public, it is clear that an 80kWh Li-ion battery pack will be featured inside to provide a near 300 miles range. It is claimed that it will be available as a 4-wheel drive with each axle having an electric motor mounted.

Fisker also hinted the possible presence of a Targa-style sort of removable roof section in its coming SUV, they made this obvious in a statement by claiming that;

“with the touch of a button, an extended open-air atmosphere will be made possible without compromising the rugged and safe structural integrity of an SUV”.

The company also claimed that this coming electric SUV will have leading-class space as well as feature a big heads-up display together with a very intelligent user interface that will be also friendly to use.

The company’s founder – Henrik Fisker has said that this coming model of electric SUV will be taking on the form of;

“a desirable, luxuriously rugged and green vehicle that’s accessible to people across the US and the world”.

No one is sure yet exactly where this coming model will be manufactured in but Fisker himself has said that the testing of the prototype will begin before the end of 2019.


This is the best preview image of the coming Fisker electric SUV so far

For those who don’t know, just this last year, Fisker Motor company unveiled its electric luxury saloon that is called the “Fisker Emotion” which is a very powerful car that claims a 161mph top speed, with 4-wheel drive system and a 400 miles range plus a Level 4 autonomy feature. It has so far been a success for the company which is no wonder why they are embarking on this newly proposed electric SUV project.

The company is also making efforts by working on other related projects like the development of solid-state battery technology which is the new wave for electric car manufacturers. Fisker claims that this battery would allow all its future electric vehicles to gain an amazing 500 miles worth of battery charge in such a short time of around just 1 minute or less.

Video: Tesla Model Y Challenged by Fisker's New Electric SUV

Interesting enough, Fisker Inc as a whole was just formed in the year 2016 as a successor of the Fisker Automotive company which got folded up due to bankruptcy. These previous company launched the former electric luxury saloon known as “Karma range-extender” which has now been re-engineered and put on sale since 2011 as the “Karma Revero”.

We hope Tesla Motors have more in store to face the upcoming battle and competition that Fisker is clearly putting forward now.

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Oluwaseun Solomon