Hennessey accepts speed challenge from Bugatti, promising Venom F5 will hit 310.6mph record


Hennessey aims to be the first to hit 310.6mph with its upcoming ₦579m Venom F5 supercar since Bugatti Chiron has broken the 300mph record. Check details of the challenge here!

It’s been quite a while since most auto enthusiasts, including NaijaCarNews, have waited to see the first supercar maker that will hit the 300mph top speed record in 2019 and just days ago, Bugatti surprised us all.

Now, another supercar maker – Hennessey, seems to be aiming at an even higher speed than the 304.773mph top speed record that the Bugatti Chiron – tagged “Thor” – has just set.

Hennessey is a car tuner company based in Texas, U.S. that has now turned automaker.

The company had initially anticipated its upcoming Hennessey Venom F5 supercar to be first that will hit the 300mph speed mark.


Meet the upcoming Hennessey Venom F5 supercar – gorgeous, isn’t it?

However, since the new near-production Chiron has broken the 300mph mark; Hennessey took to its Instagram page earlier this week, to congratulate the French automaker, Bugatti and to also declare that it has accepted the new challenge to beat their record.

All indications show that Hennessey will now be aiming at 310mph top speed with its coming Venom F5 supercar in order to set a new record. You can check their post here!

The yet-to-be-launched Hennessey Venom F5 supercar was first unveiled in Las Vegas, US at the November 2017 SEMA auto show and was named after a very destructive tornado. It is expected to come with a powerful 1600hp twin-turbo V8 engine and will use Michelin “Pilot Sport Cup 2” tires.


Hennessey aims to beat the 304mph speed record of the Bugatti Chiron with its upcoming Venom F5 supercar

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This Venom F5 is meant to be an extremely exclusive supercar that will only be sold to customers approved by the automaker’s owner - John Hennessey himself.

The official starting price of the anticipated Hennessey Venom F5 supercar is stated to be ₦579 million ($1.6 million) with deliveries expected to begin later this year. It is also stated that some additional options will be made available for the supercar which might bump its starting price by an extra ₦217 million ($600,000).

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Fingers crossed till we confirm if truly Hennessey will beat the new Bugatti Chiron’s speed record.

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Oluwaseun Solomon