J.D Power endorses Peugeot as the most reliable car brand in the market


In a recent survey carried out by J.D power on the cars with most and least likely chance to develop faults, Peugeot has come out top. Click here to see the details!

A popular company, J.D Power is in charge of evaluating client satisfaction, quality of products and behaviour of buyers through survey, ranging from vehicles to advertising and marketing companies, has endorsed Peugeot as the most reliable automobile brand in the market.

The J.D power study has shown data, which was reliant on the feedbacks gotten from 11,530 new car owners for those registered from 2015 to 2018. Its study evaluates he specific issues encountered in every 100 vehicles (pp100) to measure brands’ reliability.


From the reports of vehicle dependability, Peugeot brand came right on top with least faults

J.D Power highlighted 8 different segments such as driving experience, exterior, A.C, heating, in-car controls, seats, engine and interior. These were put under test to know which car experienced the highest number of faults.

All other brands were outranked by Peugeot, French automobile brand, with only reported 77 faults on every 100 cars. On the downside, BMW, German auto brand emerged with 181 faults for every 100 cars. This made it the least reliable auto brand currently in the market.


Screenshot of J.D Power survey results

The report states that BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Range Rover, which are premium vehicles are most expected to develop faults when compared with mass-volume brands. This reason could be traced to the availability of latest inbuilt navigation tools in those cars.

Top 10 most reliable cars - Carbuyer

According to J.D Power Head of European Operation, he said:

When we look at the PP100 scores of relatively new safety technologies, it’s clear that manufacturers still have work to do to perfect those systems—particularly premium brands that use them as a major selling point.

It’s also going to be vital for vehicle makers to win customer trust in this technology if they are to convince potential buyers that fully automated vehicles in the future will be reliable.

For example, such buyers are quite likely to question the safety of self-driving cars if brands still struggle with the accuracy of their navigation systems

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Oluwaseun Adeniji