Kevin-Prince Boateng confirms money can't buy happiness after purchasing 3 luxury cars in one day


Former Tottenham FC star – Kevin-Prince Boateng in a recent interview, called himself “an Idiot” for purchasing 3 expensive cars in one day. He also sent strong message to the young. Check it here!

While following up on some celebrities and football stars, NaijaCarNews found reports of a recent interview with the professional footballer, Kevin-Prince Boateng who currently plays for the Italian club – Fiorentina FC. The sensational soccer star is a very good midfielder that also performs well as a “forward” sometimes, and he’s known for his impressive ball-juggling tricks, footspeed and amazing strength.


Kevin-Prince Boateng – professional footballer and former Tottenham FC’s midfielder/forward winger

How is he an idiot then? Surprisingly, this football star revealed in the interview how he believes it was unwise of him to have once bought three expensive vehicles in just one day when he was playing for Tottenham FC back in 2007 - 2009.

During his interview with the popular Italian newspaper company, La Repubblica, the football star said;

"I was an idiot. I had talent, but I trained the bare minimum, an hour on the field. I was the last to arrive and the first to leave. I’d be out with friends. I had money, I lived like a king. I’d never been to the gym. That changes your later career."

"I bought three cars in one day when I was at Tottenham: a Lamborghini, a Hummer and a Cadillac. To the youngsters, I tell them: “You cannot buy happiness”.

"I didn’t play, I had family problems, I was out of the squad. I was looking for happiness in material things: a car makes you happy for a week. I bought three to be happy for three weeks."

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Below is a collage of these three vehicles that Boateng claimed he bought in just one day;


Kevin-Prince Boateng calls himself “An Idiot” for buying these expensive Lamborghini, Hummer and Cadillac SUV in one day

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We are not sure if we should agree with the footballer or not, but we definitely believe that he has his reasons for calling himself “An idiot” because of his past actions.

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Oluwaseun Solomon