Lagos yellow cab operators bemoan effects of Bolt, Uber on their business


Yellow Cab Operators of Lagos state are not keeping quiet about their failing business under Bolt and Uber. Check what they shared below!

One man’s food is another’s poison, or in this case we could paraphrase that to say one Bolt driver’s fare, is a Yellow cab operator’s loss. Naijacarnews is waxing poetic following the cry raised by the Gen-Sec of Lagos Yellow Cab Operators, Omolekan, concerning the negative impact of hail cab services , Bolt and Uber, on the Yellow taxi business in the state.

The General secretary was full of lament for both how the e-hail cab services were ruining the livelihood of yellow cab operators, and also how the former administration of Akinwunmi Ambode did nothing to protect Yellow Cabs in the state.


Omoleka is the General Secretary to Lagos Yellow Taxis, Associatin 

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He complained about Hotels and Estates banning Yellow Cabs from entry, contrary to an earlier Lagos State government admonishment during the tenure of Fashola.

Asked about the effects of Uber and bolt on Yellow Cabs Biz, he had this to say:

Honestly, it has caused great hardship for us. Those that got their vehicles from banks under a hire purchase agreement were unable to meet up.

Omolekan disclosed that the association had lost close to 7000 members, since the entry of cab-hailing services over the internet. Many of the former members have since joined a hailing service in order to make ends meet.


Lagos Yellow Taxi Operators Association has lost 7000 members to Bolt and Uber, but is fighting back with EkoCab

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He further disclosed eminent plans to launch a counter e-hailing service called EkoCab, which would enable Yellow Cab operators to access patronage online. The platform is expected to launch on October the 24th, and many of the elderly cab drivers have been trained in how to use the App.

The General Secretary concluded by saying that harassment from LASTMA remains the biggest thorn in their flesh that they have.

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