List of most searched supercars: Bugatti Chiron in Nigeria, Audi R8 in the world and many more


Wouldn't it be interesting to know which particular supercar is the most searched in Nigeria and in the World? See the complete list here now!

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Coming to the most searched supercar in Nigeria, it is the Bugatti Chiron. Yes, that’s right. So many Nigerians are searching for that supercar. How did we know?

Veygo – a popular vehicle insurance company brought out a recent post that revealed the results of a world survey on the most searched supercars all over the world. From this survey, it was clearly visible which supercars are most desired by different nations around the world.

Please note: when we talk about supercars, we are referring to the world’s best designed, most powerful, fastest, and expensive cars and not the low budget day-to-day cars.


Veygo’s survey results in a world map showing the most searched supercars in the world

So, what criteria did Veygo use in arriving at the above survey result?

These are the criteria used for the study;

  • Only supercar models that are road legal were selected (no concept cars were included)
  • Only supercars released in the recent 10 years were picked

Veygo used – a popular keyword tool that integrates both the Google Keyword Planner and clickstream data for the study.

According to the Veygo’s study, the ₦60 million worth Audi R8 came out to be the most searched supercar with top searches in 95 out of a total of 169 countries and this includes Italy, US, and the UK.

The ₦1.1 billion worth Bugatti Chiron came out as the second on the list of top searched supercars and it topped in countries like Gabon, Russia, Cameroon, and Nigeria.

See the complete list of all the top searched supercars from each country around the world:


List of the top searched supercars around the world (1 – 26)


List of the top searched supercars around the world (27 – 56)

From the above list, we can clearly see that the six most popular supercar models include the Volkswagen Group, Lamborghini Veneno, Lamborghini Huracan, Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti Chiron, and Audi R8.

The closest ones to the top searched include the Nissan 370Z, Ferrari 458, Ford GT, and McLaren 675LT.

These are the most desired supercars from around the world.

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Oluwaseun Solomon


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