Nigerian Lady allegedly runs mad immediately after she alighted from a Toyota Camry


Almost in every nook and cranny of Nigeria now, people keep talking about how young Nigerian Ladies are the target of money ritualists. Here is another story!

Stories like this one are now surfacing almost everywhere you go in Nigeria. Where is this country going now? happened to come across a recent serious story of this money ritual trend and we have decided to share it with you guys because it touched us a bit.

Just at the early hours of Wednesday 23rd of January 2019, a certain Facebook user who could be identified with the Facebook name Oboh Matthew shared several touching videos of a young Nigerian lady who was said to have run mad immediately she got out of an unknown Toyota Camry car and he claims this happened in Delta State, Nigeria.

These were also screenshots collected from the videos he shared:


The Nigerian lady who was said to have run mad after alighting from a Camry car

Below were the exact words of Oboh Matthew in the Facebook post:

“It happen in Ughelli dis morning....... She run mad immediately she was drop by a Toyota Camry. Pls girl be warned the street is not friendly.”

Full video of the incident

God will help us in this country.

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Oluwaseun Solomon


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