Nigerian woman files civil rights lawsuit against US airline


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A Nigerian woman named Obioma Queen has filed a civil rights lawsuit against United Airline for ejecting her and her children from an international flight departing from Houston Texas because she was said to have body odor.

The woman and her children were on the second of three flights that was meant to take them from Nigeria to Canada, before she had an altercation with a white male passenger which led the staffs of the United Airline to ask her exit the plane. According to the woman, she said she was on her right because the man was seating on her seat and she asked him to get up but the man did not answer her. 


Obioma Queen and one of her daughters

She later narrated that the man did not want to get up even after a staff had come to intervene so she agreed to take the man’s seat. Prior to when the flight was going to take off she visited the rest room to clean up and then on getting back she tried getting to her seat, but that same male passenger prevented her from getting to her seat according to the charges.

She then said a United staff named Russell H ordered her to step off the flight because she was told by another United agent that the pilot had received a complaint about her from the white male passenger.

Obioma later stated in the lawsuit that she was informed that she could not return into the plane because the male passenger could not sit with her because she was pungent. Terrified of what was happening around her, she notified the staffs that her children were onboard the flight so her children were ejected as well.

Video: Nigerian woman kicked out of plane after white man complained she has body odour

Obioma implied that if it were a white woman that was in her shoes, this would not have happened. She said that it happened because she's is an African, black and she's a Nigerian. She is seeking attorney’s fees and punitive damages.

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