Official! Volkswagen changes logo, embraces more modern approach


Volkswagen has decided to go a whole new level by planning to unveil its new company's logo at the coming Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Volkswagen has decided to go for electrification, hereby taking a vital step right into the future through the launch of its ID sub-brand. Additionally, in a bid to be distant from emission scandal, the company’s logo will also be changed.

The new logo is set to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show at the beginning of September, 2019. It will be a symbol of the new company’s design and will be launched under “New Volkswagen” motto. The company further explained that the new design will be in 2D, without disclosing any more information about it. However, it is still believed that the V and W letters will still be mixed in a known and similar layout.


On 21 September, the dramatic twist on the new logo would be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show

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According to Jurgen Stackmann, member of Board of Management for Sales, Marketing and After-Sales:

“Volkswagen has taken and implemented bold decisions in almost all areas of its activities. The comprehensive rebranding is the logical consequence of our brand’s strategic reorientation. I am very proud of what we have achieved: ‘New Volkswagen’ has a presentation that is powerful, fresh, positive and attractive.”


The Volkswagen ID-3 is also expected to premiere at the same time the new logo would be unveiled

The new logo, which is part of the ‘Transform 2025+’ adopted strategy 4 years ago after the eruption of the Dieselgate scandal, will be firstly executed at the locations of the brand and dealers across Europe, which will be followed by China in October. It will be made use of at the beginning of next year, across the apparatus of the company in South, North America and other markets in the world. Generally, 171 countries and 10,000 facilities will be touched and 70,000 old logos will be effectively replaced.

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Volkswagen will therefore offer a new sound logo as a replacement for the previous brand claim. A female voice will also be offered in the future. At the unveiling of the new logo in Frankfurt, the new electric ID.3 hatchback will also be introduced by the automaker.

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