Police arrest 2 Cameroonian ladies for absconding with lover’s car after sex


Two Cameroonian ladies are in Police custody for stealing a lover's car and other values after a sex marathon. Read how they executed their plan!

The Nigeria Police Force has arrested two Cameroonian ladies for allegedly stealing cars and other items from their male admirers after sex.

Investigations by Naijacarnews revealed that the women named Vivian Ngo Dingom Yoland and Yamba Kinloga Rassa operated by having sexual relations with men who showed interest in them, and absconded with their valuables including cars. The stolen cars were later sold in Nigeria or shipped down to Cotonou. They met their waterloo with their most recent victim, Macdonald Ntui, who filed a report at the Police station when his Lexus car was stolen after sleeping with one of them.

According to Ntui, he met the ladies on his way to Abuja from Keffi, and offered them a lift. They gave him the false names – Mercy and Angela. A friendship ensued, and they agreed to take things further. With their approval, he took them to a hotel in the Apo area of Abuja. After making arrangements to have sex with one of them, Yamba, they both lodged into a room.
Unknown to him, she added a substance to his drink when he went to freshen up in the bathroom. He consumed the drink, and fell asleep immediately. By the time he woke up, his wallet and car key were missing. The ladies were nowhere to be found either.


Photos of the ladies and the car they stole

The Intelligence Report Team (IRT) of the Inspector General of Police arrested the suspects in Jos and Abuja, after they had sold off the car, and were about to travel to Cotonou. In their confession, they took responsibility for the missing car, and led the Police to the person whom they sold it to for 1.6 million.

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Chris Odogwu