President Goodluck Jonathan's assistant supports vehicles for 2019 election


A recent move from President Goodluck Jonathan's assistant to provide free buses to and fro several polling locations sparked mixed reactions amongst Nigerians.

With the election day coming very close, candidates and lobbyists are rushing and working round the clock to get as many votes as possible. Nigerians from all over the country are driving from everywhere to voting locations.


Polling places are expected to welcome thousands of people every day

But there's a catch, polling places are deceptively far away from the main residential areas, and so people without cars have very little choice to vote since they don't have an alternative to do so (hiring a private car to vote is just too much for them).

Luckily, a man named Bemigho Reno Omokri decided to use his own money to supply vehicles for voters. He often describes himself as an author and a lawyer. In the past, He used to be the Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan. 


Bemigho decided to use his pocket money to provide means of transport for voters

He planned to do so by hiring private buses and transport voters from their locations to the polling stations and also back. Interestingly, this benefit is not reserved for only his party, PDP, but extended to APC voters as well. In other words, anyone with a legitimate voter ID can get in one of those buses to the voting location.


A smart strategy or an honest attempt to help? You can't ever be certain in politics

There will be a total of 4 locations that provide this service. Bemigho said that he wished he could afford more, but that was the best he could do. 

Some critics said that this is just a deceitful attempt to sway the election in the favor of the PDP party. He countered by saying that those billionaires who back APC party are free to do the same for voters. He added that those transporting vehicles are for Nigerians as a whole, not as members of conflicting parties.


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