Report on Top 10 best-selling electric cars in 2018: Tesla books 3 places


If you are still wondering if people really did buy electric cars back in 2018, you would need to click here and see the comprehensive list of best-selling electric cars in 2018!

When you hear electric cars, there is always this excitement knowing you are no more wasting money on buying of fuel or noise from engine while on roads. You also have this conviction that you are an endangering the environment and you spend so much less on maintenance and repair. Here on, are the best-selling electric cars in the world.

Let’s take a look at the list for top selling electric cars in 2018:

10. BAIC EU Series

The BAIC EU series is a newly accorded name to the Beijing Senova D50 EV sedan. The fully electrified sedan offers two trims and different electric motor ranges, with a generative output of 136 horsepower and 215 horsepower respectively. On a single charge, its driving range is 260 km and 416km in order.


BAIC EU series​ - Sold: 37,434 units

9. Chery eQ EV

This model comes equipped with an electric motor with a generative output of 41 horsepower from its electric motor. It offers peak speed of 100kmph with 151km in range. It would take an approximated 8 hours through the 220V socket to fully charge this pure-electric car.


Chery eQ EV - Sold: EV-39,737 units

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8. Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe is one of the smallest and most affordable electric cars out there in the market, with a new and powerful R110 motor and 180 miles in range. For 18,420 pounds, you will be to get it.


Renault ZoeSold: 40, 313 units

7. BYD e5

The BYD e5 comes equipped with an electric motor capable of producing 135 horsepower for its base trim. The higher trim - BYD e5 450 - promises 218 horsepower from its electric motor and 400km in range


BYD e5Sold: 46,251 units

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6. JAC iEV E/S

The pure-electric JAC iEV E/S made our list of the top 2018 top selling electric car with an electric motor of 85 kW, capable of producing 113 horsepower and 113 pound feet of torque. It offers peak speed of 130kmph and is sold for $31,258.


JAC iEV E/SSold: 46,568 units

5. Tesla Model X

One of the top electric cars in the market, Tesla Model X is tagged as the quickest, safest and most efficient pure-electric SUV on the planet as at time of production. It comes equipped with a battery of 75 kWh that offers range of 380km. it is sold for $100,000 and also accelerates from a standstill of zero to 100kmph in just 5.2 seconds.


Tesla Model X - Sold: 49,349 units

4. Tesla Model S

The Model S by Tesla comes in 3 trims – 75D, 100D and P100D – each trim promising specific range of driving and price differences. The 75D, which is the base trim promises 259 miles in driving range, the 100D could easily reach 259 miles while the top version, P100D, is capable of reaching 315 miles.


Tesla Model S - Sold: 50,045 units

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3. Nissan LEAF

The restyled model of one of the bestselling electric cars in the world, Nissan Leaf is offered in 3 trims – base Leaf S, mid-level Leaf S and the luxury Leaf SL. For standard version, it offers a base output of 147 horsepower and 236 lb-ft, with an 24kWh electric motor powerful enough to drive wheel at the front. Using conventional charging unit 240V, it takes 16 hours to be fully charged.


Nissan LeafSold: 87,149 units

2. BAIC EC-Series

Valued at $25,000, the BAIC EC Series offers an improved 30kWh battery and range of 156km from its electric motor. It is ranked second as the top selling electric cars on the planet.


BAIC EC SeriesSold: 90,637 units

1. Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 sedan is unarguably at the top of the poll with a wheelbase of 2,875mm.  Its fully 50kWh electric motor is capable of producing 258 horsepower. It drivetrain is rear-wheel drive and is sold for $45,000.


Tesla Model 3Sold: 145, 846 units

Which one of these EV vehicles would you go for?

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Oluwaseun Adeniji