Rotary-Powered car is Mazda’s “Dreams” but with no “time frame” yet


Japanese Automaker, Mazda has big dreams of a “Rotary-Powered” car but it is yet to give a time frame for the unveiling. Read the gist here!

In a recent update we got here at, the Japanese automaker – Mazda had revealed in an interview that it plans to develop the coveted “rotary engine” again.

This confirmation had come from a recent interview that the Automotive News had with Akira Marumoto, CEO of Mazda majorly about the brand’s apparent problems of Europe’s emission target. Mazda might run out of time in implementing lower CO2 emissions in its vehicles with its only hope currently put on the SkyActiv-X engine in its Mazda3 next generation. But going beyond these emission issues, the interview pushed towards talks about the renowned rotary engines.


This is a “Fan-rendered” image of the modern Mazda RX-7

According to the Mazda CEO, the automaker has already resumed development of the rotary engines even after the RX-8 had been discontinued. He also gave confirmation of the application of these rotary engines as a possible range extender for all its upcoming electronic vehicles.

While speaking during this interview, Mr Marumoto made an interesting comment by saying;

"Inside Mazda, we all have the dream of seeing one day a vehicle powered by a rotary engine. But given the number of things we have to do, we had to put this on the back burner, and we have no time frame,"

Since this engine still has no time declared yet for its implementation/re-launch, everyone auto enthusiast just has to wait and see with fingers crossed.

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