Tesla investigates the trending car fire incident in Shanghai


If Tesla doesn't address this issue, it's certain to affect their patronage and sales. Check out the footage of Tesla car fire incident in Shanghai and explanations how it possibly happened!

The US giant electric car maker, Telsa Inc, told the public on Monday that a team has been sent to investigate the trending video in China, which showed a Telsa Model S suddenly bursting into flames in the garage where it was parked, in Shanghai.

The video footage showed that the incident occurred on a Sunday evening, which later became one of the hottest potatos on Weibo, China's Twitter-like platform. It has also been widely shared with the hashtag "Telsa self-ignites", receiving 22 million views.


The Audi adjacent to it was partly damaged by the fire

The security camera that caught the footage, showed a white smoke coming out from under a car resembling a Telsa Model S in a parking garage, which later got consumed in flames. The footage also showed that an Audi that was parked next to it also caught up in flames.

Telsa responded to the trending video by writing some statements on it's official Weibo account.

See it.

We’re actively contacting and cooperating with relevant departments to learn more about the incident. Based on current information, there were no casualties

Naijacarnews gathered that this fire incident is the newest to be hitting Telsa since this year as the electric automaker is making plans to enlarge its presence and sales in China.

Telsa had already carried out a recall of over 140,000 of it's Model S vehicles in China. This recall happened in January and it was in a bid to make sure that the airbags produced by Takata, Japan, which was potentially dangerous are replaced.

The Shanghai customs had in March, temporarily suspended the clearance for some Telsa cars that was being imported into China, following a labeling mix-up. The electric car company is currently building an auto factory in Shanghai, and it's said to be the first car factory to be built overseas. With this, there will be an increase in the number of Telsa cars sold. Again, it will an opportunity to tap into the biggest automotive market in the world and at the same time, avoid trade wars.

See how the Telsa Model S burst into flames in the parking garage

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Jane Osuagwu