The Maybach SUV Ultimate Luxury is a true definition of class and performance


Although Mercedes has no plan to take this concept model into production, they probably could change their mind in the future.

This new Maybach SUV concept is a perfect blend between sedan and SUV, thereby saving you the trouble of buying the two at the same time. This total package will either interest you or not the moment it comes out but we are not sure if the automaker will approve the production version of the Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury. The silver lining here is that the Director of Advanced Exterior Design at the company, Steffen Kohl, believes that Mercedes will in the future utilize some of the design cues of this vision concept.


This absolute beauty was unveiled in 2018 at the Beijing Motor Show

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This Ultimate Luxury Vision Concept is not your regular SUV from Mercedes. It features turbine-styled wheel of 24 inches, fancy door handles that pop out, rose gold accents and split front trunk. It comes in non-regular shape and the lushly designed 4-seat interior is possibly the best thing you could imagine in a car. It is dubbed as the 1st Sports Utility Limousine (SUL), featuring center console at full length merging a heated tray with cups and teasport for the passengers at the rear. The sculpted wooden tray made from ebony holds the tea, which becomes easily seen when you press a button, showing double M logo of Maybach in rose gold.


Some of the design cues from this concept design would be deployed on future models according to Mercedes

The concept model is most likely going to be electric-powered, featuring 4 compact motors with an output of 738 hp, which is sent to every wheel to ensure it reaches its peak speed of 155 mph.


The China-centric concept features a full length console, promising absolute luxury and comfortable driving experience

According to the automaker, its floor-mounted battery is capable of reaching driving range of 200 miles. The battery within five minutes can be charged to ensure an estimated 100 km of range.

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It is a whole different experience for the passengers, with an absolute touch of luxury, fun and class

With its intimidating presence, it stretches to a length of 207 inches, width of 83 inches and a height of 69 inches. It is quite a pity that we may not get to see this one-of-a-kind absolute luxury car since it’s only a concept from Mercedes.

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