The Most Advanced Car Washing Machine Ever? Checkout This Self Car Washing Machine


The Hangzhou Leopard 360 washing machine comes with some great features you won’t believe.

OH my, you won’t believe what just came out. China just manufactured an automatic self car washing machine. Can you believe this? Want to know more about this, that is why is here for you. Scroll down and check it out.  


  car wash spraying various liquids


The Chinese are at it again, the just manufactured a stress free self washing machine that is called the Hangzhou Leopard 360 washing machine that allows you relax without doing anything and just chill out while this wonderful machine is helping you wash your cars. This automatically fabulously engineered machine can help with the waxing, cleaning, polishing, conditioning, coating, nursing, rinsing your vehicle without the services of a human attendant or a human operator. Can you believe this?


leisu led gloss application at work

Key Features of the Hangzhou Leopard 360 washing machine.

  1. Intelligent unmanned systems, self-service car payment system
  2. Smart 360 technology
  3. Intelligent chemical mixing system
  4. Innovative suspension system non-resistance rails
  5. Unique embedded fast drying system
  6. Digital voice security alarm system
  7. Faulty self-checking system
  8. One key anti-frozen system


leisu rotating arm spray rinsing a car

The Hangzhou Leopard 360 washing machine comes with some great features you won’t believe. Firstly it comes with an 80 bar high pressure pre-wash for under chassis and wheels that can effectively clean your car chassis and wheels without complaints, it also comes with a smart 360 arm that rotates and spreads washing chemicals with high precision on your car.


leisuwash 350 washing chassis and wheels of a BMW

That’s actually not all; it also comes with an automatic water saving function that saves water up to 50% and an electricity saving function that saves electricity consumption of up to 60%. And that isn’t all this Hangzhou Leopard 360 washing machine is actually fabulous because it also comes with a magic color polish shampoo that makes the paints on the car moist and making it shine as soon as it is done.


leisu magic colored washing shampoo working on a car

This Hangzhou Leopard 360 washing machine just can’t cease to amaze me can you believe it also comes with soft water with crystal wax coat that makes waxing crystal color coating shampoo that makes your car paint look beautiful and glamorous with durable paint protection.


leisu rinsing and drying a car with ease

The Hangzhou Leopard 360 washing machine comes with a unique embedded fast drying machine system that enables your car dry fast. This sophisticated machine also comes with a user-friendly design that is installed in it like LED with voice guidance, Automatic clean rear view mirror system, faulty record with data report and Automatic standby service.


leisu led gloss application

Guys, the funniest thing about this Hangzhou Leopard 360 washing machine are that this washing processes takes just 5 minutes tops of your time. Can u imagine this it takes just 5 minutes for the Hangzhou Leopard 360 washing machine wash, clean, dry, condition, polish and wax your car.

leisu led gloss application                     

The Hangzhou Leopard 360 washing machine has a 3 years warranty but I don’t think this machine is actually available in Nigeria right now but it has been shipped to over 70 countries and the price of this machine is $30000.


leisu user interface management and applivation


leisu technical parameters with specifications

So guys, if you want to purchase this magnificent and wonderful car washing machine, i will advise you to do that now. So for more info about this delve into the number one automotive news producing website for more juicy stories on various automotives and equipments.

Bello Hammed