The Return of King Long Buses: CFAO customers are all showing appreciation of the new development


Various Customers have started lauding CFAO as they finally decide to return back to the importation of the King long buses.

We are very sure here at that we aren’t the only ones that really know and love the King Long buses. Many Nigerians that are familiar with public transport business in Nigeria would also feel the same way about these King Long buses especially if considering the situation of the country’s economy and road.

Most of the dealers at the King Long bus relaunch event in Lagos were really excited and lauded CFAO for this good move.

Mrs Erinma Kanno, a satisfied King Long buses user who is also the proprietress of Troika Schools in Lekki, remarked the quality of the buses as “top class” in various ramifications. She also stated that her school has been using the King Long buses for running its affairs for quite some time now. She said the buses have been;

“fuel efficient, rugged, easy to maintain and importantly, affordable”.

Mrs Erinnma went further to explain that she had tried the Tokunbo buses of some other brands which all failed her before she later settled for King Long buses. She added that other popular brand’s buses were too expensive in price for her as well back then which made it difficult for her to go for such.

She claimed that the pressing challenge she had back then was the means of conveying her students from their various homes to school and back which got solved through a driver that helped her discover the King Long brand of buses. She revealed that many of the buses on her fleet have now run over 200,000 km and yet are still in good shape as they keep delivering good performances.


A King Long’s Kingwin 15-seater Van – Haven’t you travelled in one before?

Mr Adeleke Samuel who is a CFAO dealer stated that from his over 10 years of doing business with CFAO and selling King Long buses, the demand for the buses was always coming steadily because they deliver good value for the money that people spend on them.

Mr Laurent Friedrich, the general manager of the CFAO Equipment sector which is a division of CFAO that is saddled with the roles of distributing King Long vehicles in Nigeria, stated his company which has a reputation for distributing only good quality products have decided to settle for King Long brand just because of its notable features.

Mr Friedrich also mentioned that these King Long buses are suitable for various purposes like ambulance services, cargo distribution, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), Mosque/Church religious activities, school student transportation, and inter-city commercial transportation.

The King Long’s Kingwin 15-Seater van in the image above is suitable for modern day commercial passenger transportation as it comes with a 2.2L engine fitted on a long wheelbase. It also features a five-speed transmission and some safety features like seat belts (all seats), stop lamp, ABS (Anti-Locking Braking System), and the proper braking system by the standard.

The bus also features some functional equipment like rear and front A/C system, CD+MP3 player, speed limit device, rear stepped bumper, rear view mirror, a front fog lamp among many others.


King Long’s Cargo Van – This Van is very common on the streets in Naija

The King Long’s Kingwin Cargo Van comes on a long wheelbase as well and it also comes with a tyre size specification of 195/70/R15, a 2.2L engine, and some other standard features that match with the 15-seater bus model. This cargo van comes with a 7.6 cubic meter space which is a generous one for cargo transportation.

With this successful relaunch operation, anyone can now purchase a King Long bus of their choice from any CFAO motors outlet in Nigeria with a 2 years warranty or 60,000 kilometres warranty.

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Oluwaseun Solomon


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