Top 8 biggest tyre companies in the world


Some tire brands are more popular in certain kinds of vehicles, which make them to the list of these top 8 biggest tyre companies in the world.

The tyres of your car are very essential to the smooth and seamless movement of the wheels. Imagine if you had to drive with your car rims alone and no tyres, how do you think it will feel? The noise can be deafening and let's not forget the damages it will cause to the car. With tyres, you'll have none of that. That's why we should, once in a while, give some credit and praise the tyre companies that have provided us with such comfort. Tyre manufacturers like Michelin, Bridgestone and Dunlop have been around for years. Have you wondered how big they are? Here's a list of the top 8 biggest tyre companies in the world 2019.


The biggest tyre companies have their products in Nigeria

8. Yokohama tyres - worth 301 billion naira

Yokohama tyres boast one of the best products that can handle wet and dry terrain. The Japanese company has made money from making beautifully designed tyres that can also stand the test of time. From their base in Tokyo, Japan, they still distribute tyres for trucks, vans, sedans, and several other automobiles to different parts of the world. They are also quite affordable.


Yokohama is based in Toyota, Japan

7. Pirelli - worth 548 billion naira

The Italian tyre brand has been known over the years for making products for luxury cars. Most Lamborghinis, Ducattis and Porsche cars come with a Pirelli tyre. They have their factories in USA, Rome and of course Milan, Italy. One of the major things that have made Pirelli tyres stand out is traction. They do amazingly well on wet roads. Perhaps that's why even race drivers prefer it the most. The brand is also involved in broadband tech, real estate and sports.


Pirelli is a popular choice on the racing tracks

6. Hankook - worth 580 billion naira

If you drive a light truck, you probably will be used to seeing the Hankook tyre brand. The South Korean manufacturer has maintained its standard overtime and has grown beyond expectations. They also have a factory in New Jersey, USA, and make use of the latest technologies to improve products.


Hankook tires are used popularly on light trucks' wheels

5. Dunlop - worth 700 billion naira

If you seek a tyre with Silicon-carbon Matrix technology, self-support traction and a hydro-paddle system, then Dunlop tyres are your best bet. Aside from that, anything you will expect from a Goodyear tyre, you can find in Dunlop. Keep in mind that Goodyear actually has a huge stake in Dunlop - perhaps that's why both companies seem to grow quickly at the same pace. Do you remember the popular "Dunlop elite" commercial in Nigeria around the 90s?


Based in the U.S, Dunlop is under the mother company Goodyear

4. Goodyear - worth 800 billion naira

For over 120 years, Goodyear has been in the tyre production business and has grown from strength to strength. They are the 4th biggest tyre company 2019 and that is not a mean feat. The popular Kelly Springfield is fully owned by the company and they hold over 70% of the shares in Dunlop. Now you know why Dunlop also keeps growing exponentially. Goodyear, a US-based company, also makes a wide range of tyres for different automobiles and can be found on lots of wheels of different cars in Nigeria.


Goodyear has been in the industry for more than 120 years

3. Continental - worth 1.7 trillion naira

Continental tyres used to languish somewhere between the 7th and 10th position, but consistency has skyrocketed them to an astonishing 3rd position for the first time. The German tyre manufacturer is known for making some of the best spare tyres you can ever find around. After Goodyear in America, Continental comes second as most reliable. Their headquarters is in Hannover, Germany but they also have a factory in the United States.


The first time Continental's reached top 3

2. Bridgestone - worth 2.5 trillion naira

Bridgestone was founded decades ago by Shojiro Ishibashi in Tokyo Japan. The brand name is actually a direct translation of the founder's name. The tyre manufacturer has steadily competed with Michelin for the top spot for years and was even number 1 biggest tyre company in 2018. But sales keep fluctuating as those of Michelin skyrocketed. Bridgestone makes tyres for different kinds of automobiles and is involved in Formula One racing amongst other sports. They have other divisions that deal on automobile servicing, making of bicycles, journalism, manufacturing of golf sports products and lots more.


Bridgestone also comes from Tokyo

1. Michelin - worth 2.9 trillion naira

Michelin used to be known for some of the finest bicycles you can ever find around. They are one of the few reliable companies that advertise a product and stick with the exact standard you see in the commercial. The tyre company has its headquarters in France and has been making tyres for about a century and a half. You can imagine how long that is, as it goes to show the strength of the company. They also boast huge sales of over 700 billion nairas yearly. Michelin makes tyres for every kind of automobile you can ever think of - cars, bicycles, motorcycles, aeroplanes and even space shuttles.

Micheline is the last to complete the list of  8 biggest tyre companies in the world

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Kennedy Ilediagu