Toyota announces plans to build new SUV for US, to be located in Alabama


Globally, the demand for light trucks and SUVs are growing and Toyota is not ready to give up on American auto market as it announces plan to start the production of new SUV in the U.S. Read on!

Times are changing and there has been a huge and increasing demand for SUVs across the globe. America is definitely not an exception to this new shift in demand. Toyota has not relaxed a bit as it plans to build new SUV in America.

Although nothing much has been said about this vehicle but there is a confirmation it would be manufactured at Mazda Toyota Manufacturing facility located at Huntsville in Alabama. The plant is presently undergoing construction and production is deemed to start by 2021.


The company hasn't announced the specific model for the new SUV but it is expected to fall among existing line-up

Originally, the plant was set to produce Toyota Corolla, but there was a reversal in course by the company due to growing needs of the customers and shift in market demand for SUVs and light trucks. This doesn’t mean the production of Corolla will stop, as it would continue its production at the plant belonging to the company located at Blue Springs in Mississippi.

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The Mazda Toyota Manufacturing plant was expected to manufacture up to 150,000 units of Corolla every year despite the quietness of Toyota on specifics. Last year, there was a fall in the sales of Corolla from 360,483 examples as at 2016 to 280,886 examples. We guess the fall in sales accounted for the reason why the company doesn’t see the need to have two Corolla manufacturing plants operating in the US. This seems like a smart idea having another plant for the production of the new SUV.


The Mazda Toyota Manufacturing facility for the new SUV was originally built for the production of Corolla

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The company still classifies the SUV as “new” or “yet-to-be released”, which means it would join the household of existing SUV line-up such as Highlander, 4Runner, Sequoia, RAV4, Land Cruiser and CH-R. We expect the details to be released sooner.

Although the company has been a bit silent about the specific model to be produced at the plant, but FT-4X concept might go into production concept as it was previously suggested by the executives. At the New York Auto Show in 2017, the model was unveiled and it featured all-wheel drive and also boxy styling.

The facility is expected to have the capacity to build 300,000 units yearly, regardless of the model Toyota is planning to produce there. Toyota and Mazda will share the capacity equally.

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