Toyota Hybrid models outsold every other electric vehicles in April


Toyota Hybrid models are taking a huge leap on sales outselling every other all electric vehicles, even formidable products from Tesla. Check below for more details!

Electric cars are the rave of the moment in the automobile industry. We have witnessed a lot of improvements in their build and operation that suggests they are getting better every moment: tests from recent EVs show a lot of improvement from older models. Somehow, with these improvements in the EV cars, the Toyota Hybrid models still outsold them in American car market.

The Toyota Prius, for instance, has been said to notice a continuous decline in sales amongst other Toyota hybrid models but manages to record more sales that the pure EVs within its price range with a swirling three to one margin over. Although we will see if the new all-wheel drive Prius hybrid will help revive the model sales which took a heavy nosedive by 40% this year compared to 2018.


The Prius still selling out fast over all affordable EVs even though its sales decline

While we wait for the Prius hybrid messiah, let’s looks at other Toyota hybrid models making this sales wave.

1. Toyota RAV4 hybrid 2019

The Toyota RAV4 hybrid 2019 outsells all other All Electric crossovers combined with sales margin up to 66%. Although Toyota recorded declining sales of the RAV4 in some years after the introduction of the newer models but the 2019 Hybrid has brought back the spark and again heavy sales is being recorded. The RAV4 hybrid 2019 sold a record 6,556 units.


The RAV4 Hybrid leads in sales over all EV crossovers there is

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2. Toyota Camry hybrid 2019

The Toyota Camry Hybrid outsells every other sedan EV in its category by 13%. The Camry hybrid is the top trim for the Camry models. The Camry hybrid recorded a monthly sales of 2,128 unit. The Camry is comfortable and have a smooth drive train.


The Hybrid sedan outsells every affordable EV by a 13% margin

3. Toyota Highlander Hybrid 2019

The Highlander hybrid is a trim of the 2019 model of the Toyota Highlander and it represents about 7% of all Highlanders made. It has been compared with the Tesla model X and they both rank three-row green vehicles and both are AWD. The Highlander has sold 1,104 units so far which far outsells the Tesla Model X.

Reasons FOR & AGAINST 2019 Toyota Highlander hybrid

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4. Toyota Corolla Hybrid 2020

The 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid is a new inclusion in the Hybrid market and has already recorded sales higher than that of every all electric vehicle with sales of 1,403 units.


The 2020 Corolla outsold every affordable EV in April

The Hybrid models are a perfect blend of fuel economy and comfort. It isn’t revealed the major reasons car buyers rather buy the hybrid models rather than the affordable all electric models. You can check out more exciting articles on Car news section on!

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