Unbelievable! Man's car stolen few feet away from him in broad daylight!


Don't imagine how it happened but a man's car was stolen from him while he was a few feet away from it. Read details of the story and check the recording from CCTV below!

It all happened in a twinkle of an eye but that was enough for William Evans' 2000 Gold Honda Civic car to be stolen while he was only a few feet away from the car.

And how did it happen, you might wonder?

Naijacarnews gathered that Evans has gone to inspect a roof for Christian Construction and when he turned around, he couldn't see his car again.

As Evans narrated,

"I had turned away from my car knowing that within 60 seconds I was going to go back to my car.

I thought maybe the homeowner had walked out without me noticing and like maybe in confusion had maybe taken my car."

He couldn't even believe what just happened. He was shocked as he reported the incident to the police.

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In a twinkling of an eye, Evan's Honda Civic car was stolen just a few feet away from him(Photo Credit: KY3)

The man residing in the house where he was inspecting the roof, Charles Moore, told him he had a camera installed in front of the house and that they should check it out.

He told Evans,

 "you know I have a camera, we can pull up the footage and see if it got picked up on it"

Evans and Charles took a look at the footage and watched as the car thief stole the car in broad daylight.

Charles added that,

"That is so brazen, because he walked up to the car, looked in it, got in it, and drove off"

Evan who was still shaken said that,

"I was absolutely mind blown, I couldn't believe it

I knew that somebody had stolen my car right behind my back, but like seeing the video was totally different. Seeing me typing on my iPad totally oblivious somehow, and just such a short time frame for it to happen. Nobody would think that somebody would steal their car right in front of them, nobody would think that somebody would be that confident."

See how this car is stolen in broad daylight!

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Evans was still trying to figure it out when he remembered something...his wedding invitation!

The wedding cards were at the backseat of his car and was supposed to be distributed the following day and time wasn't on his side to print new ones.

"The immediate concern were our wedding invites, beautiful wedding invites that were specially made by her family down in South America and sent to us"

However, he had an alternative.

"More than likely we are just going to do some Facebook invites I guess."

Evans called up his fiancé on the phone to tell her what had happened.

His fiance, Karen Riveros said,

"I was mad at first, but then we can't do anything about it."

Poor Evans. He didn't see this coming.

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Jane Osuagwu