[Viewer discretion] Home CCTV catches unidentified man 'pooing' on couple's new Honda Jazz


A couple got more than they bargained for when they found huge poo on their new Honda Jazz car. Police have started investigating the incident. Check details below!

A  UK couple has released a video clip of an unidentified man taking a dump on the roof of their new Honda Jazz. Kirk Petrakis, 42, and his wife Hannah, 35, couldn't believe their eyes when they woke up in the morning to see huge faeces on their new car. It was a mind boggling sight!

They decided to check the CCTV that was installed in their house to know how it came about. What they saw in the footage left them speechless.

From the reports Naijacarnews gathered, the CCTV camera caught two young men as they were laughing. Then, one of them climbed on top of Kirk's car, crouched down and started defecating on the car.


The unidentified man pulling down his trouser to poo on the car roof


The man shown as he was defecating on the roof of the new Honda Jazz

The incident happened on 1 September, at Torquay Devon, around 5 am in the morning.

Kirk and his wife told Devon police that their two daughters could no longer sleep in their own rooms after the ugly incident, as they were now scared of sleeping alone. They have demanded that the two men who committed the act render an apology to them.

Kirk said he just bought his Honda Jazz a month ago.

He added that,

"We don’t know what’s going on in their minds but it’s disgusting. I’ve seen some things out there on social media but this is just unbelievable. ‘I’m horrified and so frustrated by the way things keep getting worse and worse. My poor little daughters are too scared to sleep in their bedroom now.

‘We heard a noise out in the street and then we thought my seven-year-old daughter was having a nightmare at first. ‘She said somebody was standing on the roof outside her bedroom and we thought she meant the flat roof – we looked out and couldn’t see anything. ‘Then in the morning we found this huge human poo on the roof of our car – which was parked right outside the kids’ bedroom window."

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The couple own a horse-draw carriage business in Torquay Devon and had installed the CCTV earlier this year following some violent acts that have been happening in their street.

Kirk who was left speechless after seeing the video said,

"My wife cleaned it off and then I played the CCTV back and you can see what they did clearly. ‘He stands up and pees on the car as well. He did everything. I was just speechless. ‘We have given the footage to the police. I want an apology. I want them to be named. I want them to pay for the work to get our new car fixed."

The police in Devon and Cornwall have started investigating the incident.

The man intentionally defecated on the car roof!

The world does keep getting weirder each day, doesn't it?

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Jane Osuagwu