Watch funny video of lady whose boyfriend is teaching her how to drive a car


Women and their drama! Check out the funny video of a lady as she was being taught how to drive by her boyfriend!

A young lady has taken to social media to share a hilarious video of her taking her first driving lesson from her boyfriend. The video clip showed as she was gripped with fear while behind the wheels, and the boyfriend calming her down. Her reactions amused social media users who commended the boyfriend on his patience with the lady.

Information gathered by Naijacarnews says, the lady shared the amusing video on her Twitter handle,@ItsZeebih.And from there, it went viral gathering over 2000 likes. The moment which sent social media users cracking up with laughter was when the lady was screaming and at the same time hurling insults at other road users.


The lady left social media users laughing as they watched the video

Watch the video.

 The lady was screaming and cursing other road users

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Some Twitter users commented on the hilarious video. See them below.

@Diana_Chimbare:The guy teaching you is very patient and calm, others ain’t. So clap to him

@Cneyzie_Khumza:Lool you're a seriously a danger to all the drivers hahaha shouting and cursing doesn't go well with driving... My bf said driving is like walking, you can't walk with both your legs going forward/back same goes with the pedals

@temwanikakwende: At least you got the insults on lock, they come in handy in future drives

We definitely know if she was learning how to drive in a driving school, her instructor wouldn't have been patient with her. However, she's being taught by her calm and patient boyfriend, so she should be thankful to him.

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