Watch Lykan Hypersport, the latest member of the Dubai police car


As if the blinky and exotic supercars are not enough to catch criminals, Dubai has just introduced another monster to its police force, the Lykan Hypersport. Read details here!

Dubai has literally never failed us, motorists and car enthusiasts when it comes to exotic cars. If you have a chance to visit Dubai and take a ride around the blocks, any block, 9 out of 10 cars you encounter would be luxury vehicles. The popularity of luxury and supercars in Dubai is so massive that even a kid, who's not yet legal to drive, can awe us with their car collection.


In Dubai, almost anyone of all ages can impress you with their car collection

Funded by the constant stream of cash from the oil tycoons, the police force in Dubai is surely equipped with the best vehicles that money can buy. The Nissan GT-R, Camaro, or even top of the line Ferrari and Lamborghini are on the list of their work vehicles. Recently, another model has been introduced into the fleet, the Lykan Hypersport, whopping whooping N1.2 billion Naira (as if the existing cars are not enough to catch a thief...)


How long until Nigerian has it first billion-Naira vehicle in its police force?

To give you a perspective, the money to buy this car alone can be used to purchase more than 200 standard vehicles for the Nigerian police officers. It's understandable though, since there are only 7 of them are made, by a Dubai-originated company, W Motors.


This state-of-the-art vehicle is created by W Motors, established in Dubai

The car inherited the 3.8 engine from Porsche, which can propel the car forward at an impressive rapidity. It takes 2.8 seconds to reach 100km/h, to a top speed of 450km/h. The feature that adds a substantial number to its price is the headlights, which are decorated with more than 400 pieces of diamond.


You can witness the supercar reviewed by a true Dubai man here!

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